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  • 29.12.2016

    The Bank Austria Purchasing Managers' Index grows at its fastest rate for more than five years, reaching 56.3 points.
  • 19.12.2016

    The works will be on display at the UniCredit Pavilion from December 20, 2016 to January 29, 2017

  • 15.12.2016

    Bank Austria Business Indicator now standing at 1.9 points, the highest level since summer 2011
  • 06.12.2016

    Following the record result in 2015, tourism revenues expected to rise again to a total of €25 billion in 2016
  • 29.11.2016

    The Bank Austria Purchasing Managers' Index increases to 55.4 points in November, reaching its highest value for over five years
  • 21.11.2016

    Bank Austria’s new Online-WunschKredit loan offers top terms and conditions on the Austrian market with an effective interest rate starting at 3 per cent p.a.

  • 15.11.2016

    Higher pace of growth in the Austrian economy: Bank Austria Business Indicator rises to 1.8 points in October, its highest value for three years

  • 11.11.2016

    The financial results of UniCredit Bank Austria AG for the first nine months of 2016 have been published in the Investor Relations section of the company’s website at www.bankaustria.at

  • 28.10.2016

    Convertible bond carrying 1.125 per cent fixed interest rate

  • 28.10.2016

    Bank Austria Purchasing Managers' Index increases to 53.9 points in October: industry makes a dynamic start to the fourth quarter of 2016

  • 27.10.2016

    With effect from 2 November 2016, Fabio Fornaroli will become Head of Multinational Corporates Austria, the department which serves large Austrian and multinational companies within Bank Austria

  • 21.10.2016

    With 90 staff, the newly opened flagship branch on Linz Hauptplatz is one of the largest branches of Bank Austria throughout Austria

  • 20.10.2016

    The “Cross Border Account Opening” solution makes it possible to open an account with Bank Austria in 15 countries within Central and Eastern Europe without leaving Austria

  • 14.10.2016

    Austrian economy maintains a moderate growth path: Bank Austria Business Indicator in September remains unchanged at 0.8 points compared with the previous month

  • 14.10.2016

    The golden years for savers are over and a broad spread is imperative for promising investments of even small assets in the current low-interest environment

  • 12.10.2016

    Bank Austria and Pioneer Investments held an event entitled "The Art of Investing" in Palais Ferstel on Monday evening.

  • 10.10.2016

    Bank Austria becomes a sales partner of BELLIN, the world's leading supplier of web-based treasury software, with effect from October 2016

  • 10.10.2016

    Robert Hübner and Michael Heinritzi acquire Schlosshotel Lebenberg from Bank Austria.

  • 29.09.2016

    The Austrian commercial real estate market remains extremely attractive – H1 2016 saw a similar volume to 2015, which was a record year

  • 19.09.2016

    New offer from Bank Austria - consumer loans from just EUR 1,000

  • 15.09.2016

    Economy losing momentum again after the summer: Bank Austria Business Indicator drops to 0.8 of a point in August

  • 12.09.2016

    Over the next 7 weeks, UniCredit will take the UEFA Champions League Trophy on a tour of Europe for the eighth year in a row

  • 05.09.2016

    When opening an account up until 30 November 2016, students will receive a EUR 70 shopping voucher redeemable at amazon.de, edustore, Zalando or Douglas

  • 05.09.2016

    The new Bank Austria GarantAnleihe 2016-2023 Serie 118 offers earnings opportunities of either 14 or 28 percent over the whole term depending on the performance of the index

  • 31.08.2016

    Despite the decline to 52.1, the Bank Austria Purchasing Managers' Index still indicates growth in August, albeit at a lower level than in June and July.

  • 16.08.2016

    Bank Austria Business Indicator climbs to 1.0 points: Improved consumer sentiment results in best reading in over two years

  • 04.08.2016

    Growth in lending volume and customer deposits in Austria and in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

  • 02.08.2016

    After three years of negative growth, car sales rose by a nominal 3.2 percent in 2015 to EUR 26.1 billion, accelerating to 8 percent by April 2016

  • 28.07.2016

    Bank Austria Purchasing Managers’ Index signals solid industrial growth in July at 53.4 points: pace dips only marginally compared to previous month

  • 25.07.2016

    The award for the largest pan-European Hackathon Competition for fintech specialists, featuring the best financial apps from all across Europe designed by SMEs and start-ups, took place in Milan on 20 July

  • 18.07.2016

    The Nachhaltigkeits-GarantieAnleihe 2016–2023 Serie 117 of UniCredit Bank Austria offers earnings opportunities with a basket of shares of different companies which are focusing on sustainability

  • 15.07.2016

    Bank Austria Business Indicator reveals faster economic activity in June with a clear rise to 0.8 points: better sentiment in industry and among consumers

  • 07.07.2016

    The European Investment Fund (EIF) and UniCredit Bank Austria (Bank Austria) have signed the first InnovFin SME agreement in Austria.

  • 06.07.2016

    The latest landmark Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) transaction was completed between firms in Romania and Germany

  • 30.06.2016

    Hungary, Turkey and Croatia still leading the list of top destinations

  • 27.06.2016

    Consumer spending relevant for retail loses significance

  • 15.06.2016

    Bank Austria Business Indicator makes progress in May: better sentiment in industry and among consumers

  • 06.06.2016

    Capital security thanks to repayment of at least 100 percent of the nominal value at the end of the term

  • 24.05.2016

    The Managing Editor of the daily newspaper “Der Standard” was awarded the prestigious Horst Knapp Prize on Monday evening

  • 13.05.2016

    Bank Austria Business Indicator still in positive territory in April, despite weakening slightly compared to previous month

  • 06.05.2016

    Strong global demand for commercial real estate amidst low interest rates

  • 04.05.2016

    Commerz Real plans to build DC Tower 2 in the coming years

  • 11.05.2016

    Sound operating performance from customer business despite market interest rates which are at a historically low level and persistently weak economic trends

  • 11.05.2016

    Corporate lending remains a central area of banks´ business in the region, a moderate recovery expected going forward

  • 09.05.2016

    Brighter economic environment boosts growth in most Austrian provinces in 2015

  • 02.05.2016

    Capital security thanks to repayment of at least 100 percent of the nominal value at the end of the term

  • 28.04.2016

    Leading corporate customer bank in Austria has accompanied and supported this platform supporting the retail and branded products industry for three decades

  • 19.04.2016

    Economic sentiment in Austria has improved slightly again as we move into spring, but it remains at a fairly modest level.

  • 18.04.2016

    Bank Austria awards EUR 218,000 again this year

  • 12.04.2016

    Bank Austria Wohnbaubank has launched its first WohnbauAnleihe bond for security-oriented investors based on the Trust Agreement with UniCredit Bank Austria AG.

  • 11.04.2016

    Total of EUR 85,000 in funding awarded throughout Austria to non-profit initiatives, organisations and associations

  • 06.04.2016

    CEE-EU to repeat 2015 performance, when GDP grew at its fastest pace since the global financial crisis

  • 04.04.2016

    Funds can offer an attractive alternative investment in the current low interest rate environment.

  • 30.03.2016

    In spite of growing concerns about the global economy, Austrian industry is in good shape at present.

  • 23.03.2016

    In 2015, Austria’s wood processing companies were able to compensate for the previous year’s losses with a sales increase of 5.5 percent.

  • 15.03.2016

  • 15.03.2016

    Well-known personalities attended the Bank Austria Future Talks hosted by Bank Austria CEO Robert Zadrazil

  • 14.03.2016

    Capital security thanks to repayment of at least 100 percent of the nominal value at the end of the term

  • 03.10.2016

    As announced in February 2016, Romeo Collina, Bank Austria’s Chief Operating Officer, will become Bank Austria’s new Deputy CEO

  • 26.02.2016

    Industry keeps growing: Bank Austria Purchasing Managers' Index climbs to 51.9 points in February

  • 23.02.2016

    UniCredit was chosen to receive the European Structured Products & Derivatives Award as the best distributor of structured products in Austria

  • 19.02.2016

    UniCredit Private Banking has again been recognized for its excellent services, winning 16 awards in different regional and local categories in Euromoney magazine's Private Banking Survey 2016:

  • 19.02.2016

  • 15.02.2016

    Bank Austria Business Indicator rises to 0.1 points, therefore improving slightly compared to the turn of the year

  • 12.02.2016

    Bank Austria Art Award with a total prize pool of EUR 218,000 given for the sixth time this year, comprising:

  • 10.02.2016

    Sound operating performance from customer business despite historically low market interest rates and persistently weak economic growth

  • 04.02.2016

    New bond offers 0.5 percent fixed interest p.a., plus the earnings opportunities inherent in 40 equities from America and 30 equities from Europe and Asia/Pacific

  • 29.01.2016

    Industry enjoys dynamic start to the new year: Bank Austria Purchasing Managers' Index climbs to 51.2 points in January

  • 21.01.2016

    This is the result of an annual survey among analysts, managers and technology experts in 84 countries.

  • 20.01.2016

  • 18.01.2016

    After having set the course for the future Willibald Cernko hands over leadership of the bank to Robert Zadrazil as of 1 March 2016 as a generational move

  • 27.10.2016

    The Ethics Fund of Pioneer Investments Austria is the underlying instrument for the current Bank Austria GarantAnleihe.

  • 11.01.2016

    Bank Austria and UniCredit sell their participation in Ukrsotsbank to ABH Holdings S.A. (ABHH) in exchange for a minority participation of 9.9 percent in ABHH, which is a successful regional banking group