Debit card: more than just a bank card

You can use your Bank Austria debit card (BankCard) to withdraw money (also at the supermarket checkout). But you can also make purchases on the Internet. It works more or less like a credit card for online shopping and also offers travel protection and many other practical functions. 

The benefits of your new debit card (BankCard)

NEW: secure online payments

With your new debit card (BankCard), you can additionally pay wherever Mastercard is accepted (Mastercard Identity Check). Thus, you can also use your debit card (BankCard) for online payments in the future, for example when making purchases at online shops, booking a hotel, or reserving tickets for events.

NEW: Mastercard Priceless Cities

The Priceless Cities programme from Mastercard gives you access to a wide range of priceless experiences. For details, visit

NEW: protection for online purchases

The free e-commerce insurance gives you a number of benefits, including buyer protection, a low-price guarantee, and extended guarantee periods. Activate it here now.

Apple Pay

You can also activate your card for Apple devices and use Apple Pay in the future. This allows you to make payments securely, quickly, and easily using your iPhone or Apple Watch. You can learn more about Apple Pay here.

Digital debit card

After activating the digital debit card in the Mobile Geldbörse mobile wallet app, you can also make contactless payments and withdrawals using your Android smartphone (from Android version 8.3 with an NFC-capable device).

CashBack Online

CashBack Online gives you money back in your account1 Register once at and always start your shopping trip via the platform.

Your debit card (BankCard) at a glance:

  • Card number is made up of 16 digits and is visible on the front of the debit card (BankCard).
  • IBAN is printed on the back of the card
  • Cash withdrawals and cashless payments can be made at all cash machines and payment terminals marked with the Mastercard logo.
  • Use e-commerce globally wherever Mastercard is accepted.2
  • Debit card (BankCard) expires 5 years after being issued.
  • New certificate of authenticity as an additional security feature.
  • User number for online banking and mobile banking is included on the card.
  • Personal data is printed in an extra large font on debit cards for people with impaired vision. 

debit card illustration

Your debit card (BankCard) also provides you with exclusive benefits at national parks that belong to National Parks Austria.
You are not a Bank Austria customer yet?

Reconfiguring features

For security reasons, the following features must be reconfigured: 

  • GeoControl activation
  • Activation of the contactless function (NFC) by inserting the card and entering the PIN at the ATM or POS terminal
  • Reconfiguration of Apple Pay and the digital debit card in the Mobile Geldbörse app

Differences compared to a credit card

The Bank Austria debit card (BankCard) already offers a wide range of features. However, with a credit card, you can enjoy the following additional benefits3 when travelling domestically or internationally: 

  • Term of payment: up to 5 weeks after the card is used
  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Comprehensive travel insurance
  • Vehicle retrieval expenses
  • Doctor’s visits in foreign countries


Austrian banks generally use very high security standards for debit cards. However, one of the most frequent and growing forms of misuse is “skimming”. This refers to when the magnetic stripe of the card is copied and the PIN code captured at manipulated ATMs. The stolen data are used to make cash withdrawals outside of Europe.

Frequently asked questions regarding GeoControl. 

Legal information
1 CashBack Online: a co-operation with BenefitWorld GmbH. More information and partners at
2 The limit for e-commerce payments on the Internet depends on the POS limit; the standard weekly limit is EUR 1,100.  You can increase this limit to EUR 3,300 yourself using online banking.
3 Availability depends on the credit card.

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