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No Online banking access data yet?

In order to use the MobileBanking app, you need online banking access, for which you can register online at any time.

Questions about app activation?

Would you like to use your smartphone to carry out banking transactions quickly, easily and securely? Then activate the MobileBanking app with just a few clicks.

Help with login

Forgot your PIN?

Your PIN is your password for entering 24You and the app. If you have forgotten it, you can request a new PIN at any time.

Forgot your user number?

The user number is required together with the PIN for logging in. You will find it on the back of your debit card (BankCard or MegaCard).

Key features of the MobileBanking app:

Faster banking thanks to biometric functions

Sign your transfers in no time at all in future with facial recognition or your fingerprint. Spare yourself the tedious process of typing in codes. Biometric order authorisation is only performed on your personal primary device. As a result, you can take care of your banking not only much more quickly and conveniently, but also more securely.

Photo transfers

You’ll never have to tediously type in invoice data again: With the MobileBanking app, just take a picture of your invoice. The software recognises the data automatically and copies them into the transfer form.

Financial manager

The financial manager provides you with a precise analysis of your financial status on a daily basis. Including a detailed breakdown of your income and expenses. You can also categorise your transactions on an individualised basis.
The new budget and challenges feature helps you stick to your personal budget. You can set goals for yourself to reduce your spending.

Trade securities wherever and whenever you want

Easily search for, buy, or sell securities on the go: The MobileBanking app gives you fast access to your securities accounts and an overview with the most important details about your securities.

Download the MobileBanking app now

You can get the newest version of the app for your smartphone in the app store of your preferred provider.

You must have access to Online banking to use the MobileBanking app.
You don’t have a Bank Austria account yet? Download the app and open an account including 24You Online banking directly on your smartphone.

My security


What is MobileTAN Push?

Unlike MobileTAN SMS, MobileTAN Push notifications are linked to a specific device and not to a telephone number and are transmitted via an active internet connection.
MobileTAN Push is available directly in the Bank Austria MobileBanking app’s Push inbox of the registered device.

The advantages of MobileTAN Push:

  • Reliable: Push notifications can be delivered independent of provider. They can thus be received even without a SIM card. You only need an active internet connection.
  • Confidential: The actual notification containing transaction data such as recipient account number, the amount and the corresponding TAN, is not transmitted in the push notification, which also means it cannot be read by third parties. The notification is retrieved directly from your smartphone from the Bank Austria servers.
  • Secure: For retrieval of the notification, cryptographic keys must be exchanged. These are stored only on your smartphone/tablet and are “linked” to this device.
What is the ATC?

The authorisation code (ATC) is a six- to ten-digit number that you define during the app setup process and that is only known to you. Please keep your ATC private and do not forget this code. You need the ATC to authorise orders such as transfers within the app.

What is the difference between the ATC and MobileTAN Push?

The authorisation code (ATC) is used to authorise orders within the app in order to provide additional security for the technical signature that is generated in the background for every order. This eliminates the need for a push notification in the app. For orders in 24You or OnlineBanking – i.e. in a browser – the bank server still generates a TAN that is delivered to you via a push notification.

Is the ATC just as secure as MobileTAN Push?

Absolutely. Different mechanisms are used, but both result in a secure signature. During authorisation with the ATC, your previously registered smartphone uses keys stored on the device to generate a mobile token that is compared between the app and the bank’s servers in the background. The ATC serves as an additional security feature.

Why can’t I use SMS TANs any more?

When setting up the app, you are automatically switched to the delivery of TAN codes via push notifications in 24You Internet banking. Orders within the app are authorised using an authorisation code (ATC). In this way, you are taking another step towards greater privacy and security. As a result, it is no longer necessary to send text messages, which are transmitted in cleartext and delivered via third-party networks (e.g. in foreign countries).

I forgot my ATC, what should I do now?

Please call the hotline at 050505-26100; they can send you a new ATC. Please do not uninstall the app under any circumstances because this would result in the loss of the key for signing orders.

Where can I change my ATC?

You can change your ATC in the security settings in the app. After logging into the app, tap your initials (or your picture) in the upper right corner of the start page (Favourites) and then tap Settings > Security and devices > Change ATC.

What is the mobile token?

The mobile token is a cryptographically generated code that is created directly on your smartphone by the MobileBanking app and is used in the authorisation of transactions. The cryptographic keys that are used are linked to the smartphone and are secured separately. The mobile token is additionally secured via the authorisation code (ATC) defined by you. From a technical perspective, there are two variants of the mobile token. In the first variant, i.e. for the signing process in the app, it is calculated in the background and transmitted without being seen by the user. For certain transactions, the mobile token can also be displayed and manually entered in the application (e.g. when switching to a new primary device).

Why does the clock on my smartphone have to be correct?

When creating a mobile token, the time and date stamp are also included in the generation and are checked by the server. If the deviation is too significant, the generated mobile token is invalid. Therefore, it is important for the date and time on your smartphone to be correct. We recommend that you set the time to be updated automatically.

ANDROID: There are no push notifications on my Android device.
  • Make sure that your smartphone/tablet is connected to the internet.
  • Restart the Bank Austria MobileBanking app.
  • Switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data connection.
  • Please check whether notifications for the Bank Austria MobileBanking app are allowed.

Reception problems with an inactive app are usually caused by energy saving options:

  • Stop any activated battery-saving function on your smartphone/tablet.
  • In Device Settings under Apps, check whether the use of background data and, if necessary, priority display are permitted for the Bank Austria MobileBanking app.
  • Some apps that optimise system performance or battery life can prevent reception of background data and, therefore, push notifications. Please check the respective settings if necessary.
  • Check whether your Wi-Fi connection is enabled in sleep mode: Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Keep Wi-Fi in sleep mode > Always.

TIP: You can also receive MobileTAN Push with disabled push notifications! To do this, open your push inbox and press the refresh button while the push notifications for the Bank Austria MobileBanking app are switched off.

iOS: Why do I not get push notifications on my iOS device?
  • Review the iOS notification settings: Settings > Notifications > Bank Austria and enable any disabled settings.
  • Restart your device.
  • Make sure that your smartphone/tablet is connected to the internet.
  • If you are in Wi-Fi mode, ports required for the reception of push notifications may be blocked. Try to find out whether there is reception via the internet connection of your mobile phone.

TIP: You can also receive MobileTAN Push with disabled push notifications! To do this, open your push inbox and press the refresh button while the push notifications for the Bank Austria MobileBanking app are switched off.

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