Asset issues are above all a matter of trust.

Our overriding goal is to justify this trust day in, day out. Allow us to accompany you – permanently, comprehensively and on all topics of money and assets. Our advisory services focus clearly on the requirements and the assets of our customers. Active listening with regard to your personal life situation and life goals as well as competent financial planning form the basis of your consulting activity.

It is important to us that we offer you holistic and sustainable solutions for your assets. In addition, our range of services for your assets also includes products and services from the areas of financing, insurance and payment transactions.

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We are there for you throughout Austria at our 15 Private Banking locations.

Michael Plattensteiner, Head of Department in Private Banking
Michael Plattensteiner, Head of Department in Private Banking
"It's our goal that you always come to us with a good feeling and can say to yourself, "I chose the right bank."
"You are our focus, as a person with your own personal wishes and goals".

Markus Tuschel
Markus Tuschel,
Head of Private Banking Vienna I

"Quality is our top priority. Our investment products are therefore carefully selected and tested."

Friedrich Hrdliczka
Friedrich Hrdliczka,
Head of Private Banking Vienna II

"We are there comprehensively for your banking needs, from investment to financing."

Helmut Birringer
Helmut Birringer,
Head of Private Banking Federal States

“Investing a fortune is something very personal. We therefore focus on your individual ideas.”

Thomas Schubert

Thomas Schubert,
Head of Private Banking Federal States II

"An analysis of your financial situation provides the basis for important decisions for you and the next generations."

Gernot Frech

Gernot Frech,
Head of Advisory Services

  • Holistic advisory services on all key aspects covering wealth and finance, from accounts, financing arrangements and insurance policies to personalised investment strategies
  • Our teams of experts assist with all important financial matters such as wealth management, succession planning, foundations
  • A proven investment universe through cooperation with eleven selected fund partners 
  • Financial Planning, a service for personal wealth analysis and financial planning
  • Professional state-of-the-art advisory and reporting tools such as portfolio quality analysis
  • Personal advice at 15 offices throughout Austria and a comprehensive multi-channel information service 

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This is neither investment advice nor an investment recommendation. We would be glad to inform you personally of the details, opportunities and risks of the different investment types while taking account of your investment objectives and risk appetite.