Fair play, Integrity and compliant conduct have top priority at Bank Austria. This also includes being open to indications of rule violations, fraud and white-collar crime.

Consequently, Bank Austria set-up a whistleblowing system which can be used online and anonymously to report fraudulent activities.

We also take tips from advisors, suppliers, contractually affiliated intermediaries (e.g. financial advisors) or other service providers very seriously. We ask them to send corresponding reports to the address below: 


UniCredit Bank Austria
c/o : Head of Anti-Bribery & Corruption and Whistleblowing
Rothschildplatz 1
1020 Wien

Alternatively, you can send your message to this email address: whistleblowing@unicreditgroup.at

Bank Austria customers can contact our ombudsman's office for general questions and complaints.

What is a Whistleblowing-Hotline?

The Whistleblowing Hotline is a hotline that persons who provide services for Bank Austria or its domestic subsidiaries, such as consultants, suppliers, tied agents (e.g. financial advisers) or other service providers under contract with Bank Austria or its domestic subsidiaries may use to report violations against certain laws.

Pursuant to Sec 99g of the Austrian Banking Act (Bankwesengesetz) violations against the following laws can be reported to Bank Austria’s Whistleblowing–Hotline:

  • Austrian Banking Act (Bankwesengesetz – BWG)
  • Savings Banks Act (Sparkassengesetz)
  • Building Society Act (Bausparkassengesetz)
  • Mortgage Banking Act (Hypothekenbankgesetz)
  • Pfandbrief Act (Pfandbriefgesetz)
  • Bank Debenture Act (Bankschuldverschreibungsgesetz)
  • Investment Fund Act (Investmentfondsgesetz)
  • Safe Custody Act (Depotgesetz)
  • Electronic Currency Act (E-Geldgesetz)
  • Federal Act on Corporate Staff and Self-Employment Provision (=Betriebliches Mitarbeiter- und Selbständigenvorsorgegesetz)
  • Real Estate Investment Fund Act (Immobilien-Investmentfondsgesetz)
  • Financial Conglomerate Act (Finanzkonglomerategesetz)
  • Penal Code: bank and financial crime (e.g. fraud, corruption)

Customers of Bank Austria may address general questions and complaints to the Ombudsman Office