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If you are a company currently or potentially based in Austria planning to invest and/or export, it might be crucial to check if you are eligible for additional funding and support. Austrian regional governments, the federal government, as well as the European Union offer a wide range of support programs. Find here the most essential subsidies for Austrian projects, foreign investments as well as export transactions.

With so many different types of subsidies, grants, guarantees and low-interest loans, it takes a lot of intuition to find the most suitable solution for your project. 

No matter whether you are investing in your domestic business, exporting, or investing abroad: Bank Austria accompanies you as a reliable financial partner on your expansion path with special know-how and sound market knowledge. This may give you the decisive competitive edge!

→ SME defintion according to EU competition law (PDF)
→ List of national deelopment regions (PDF)
→ Glossary of most important funding acencies (PDF)

Investing in Austria and abroad

Export finance and guarantees

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