Analysis of the liquidity situation

The WorkingCapitalCheck, an innovative and free scenario tool from Bank Austria, analyses your company’s liquidity situation.

Together with your account manager, you will then discuss which measures should ideally be taken in order to optimise Working Capital efficiently.


  • Active liquidity management to improve creditworthiness vis-à-vis business partners
  • Identification of hidden potentials, identification of possible weak points, development of solution approaches
  • Release of liquidity and increase in return on capital

The WorkingCapitalCheck is aimed at companies with annual sales of EUR 1 million or more.

Stress simulation with experts

With the help of Stress Simulation, possible effects of declining order numbers and price changes are made more transparent. The last company balance sheet analysed by our company, including the profit and loss account, serves as the data basis.

Together with your account manager, scenarios and the related changes in liquidity are simulated and analysed based on your turnover. The most important factors influencing liquidity (e.g. trade receivables, trade payables, bad debts) are presented in a best/worst-case scenario.


  • Order assessments are made more transparent, making it easier to assess the effects of such assessments
  • Visibility of effects of changes in payment terms on liquidity
  • Presentation of all factors influencing liquidity in a best/worst-case scenario
  • Derivation of specific strategies for future business policy

Stress simulation is suitable for companies with annual sales of 1 million euro or more.

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