An unpredictable field of business calls for reliable partners. Unexpected invoices and investments that cannot always be foreseen make it challenging to maintain sufficient liquidity. 

We can cover these liquidity bottlenecks for our customers with no fuss – through a working capital loan that provides the needed flexibility. Simply agree an overdraft facility for your business account with your advisor and you will be able to automatically access this credit line at any time.

To assist companies with their active financial and liquidity management, we developed our free Liquidity Check tool. Because having an overview of the financial position of your company and of your long-term planning can help identify your short-term financing needs. 

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A working capital loan is suitable for:

  • When fluctuations in business require liquidity
  • When business is being expanded
  • When greater flexibility is needed, especially when many things are still uncertain

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What documents do I need to expedite a lending decision?

  • Annual financial statements (balance sheets including statements of assets and profit/loss statements) for at least the last two years
  • Balance lists for the current financial year
  • Current tax office and health insurance fund statements
  • Forecast calculation for at least one year

Tip: Take advantage of the tax benefits under the tax-free profit allowance.

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