The optimization of working capital and efficient liquidity management are in focus of buyers and suppliers. With our Supply Chain Finance (SCF) solutions, we offer you a range of possibilities.

Graphic Supply Chain Finance

Receivables Management (Trade Purchase for Suppliers/Purchase of Receivables)

Do you supply goods or provide services to companies, and would you like to optimize your working capital?
By selling your receivables against your off-takers with good creditworthiness on a non-recourse basis, you have the opportunity to improve your balance sheet figures and thus increase your liquidity and improve your risk profile.

Payables Management (Trade Payables for Buyers/Reverse Factoring)

As a purchasing company, do you want to extend your terms of payment to improve your working capital?
Take advantage of your good credit rating, and offer this to your suppliers for a purchase of receivables financing. As a consequence, the supplier can provide you a longer term of payment and you are able to stabilize your supply chain. Thus you can improve your balance sheet figures and ratios.