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Make or receive a euro payment in just 10 seconds.

The payment is credited immediately to the recipient's account and he can dispose of the amount immediately. 
Instant credit transfers can be made within the SEPA area around the clock, seven days a week, up to an amount of 1.000 Euro.

Instant credit transfer for customers of Bank Austria: 

Instant credit transfers can be received from Bank Austria customers for some time now. They are always individually entered in the recipient's account and are immediately visible in the electronic banking transactions list, and will be on your account statement as usual on the next bank working day. 

Instant credit transfers can be made by Bank Austria customers both via Internet banking (BusinessNet or 24You) and in the MobileBanking app. If you wish to carry out instant credit transfers from this point on, you only need to sign a contract before the first order for an instant credit transfer in BusinessNet or 24You (the signature is done directly after ordering the payment via TAN). The daily limit for outgoing real-time transfers is 1.000 Euro and a fee will be charged to – depending on the amount of the transfer. 

  • Lightning fast: within 10 seconds, the recipient can see your payment in the inbox list. 
  • Quick availability: the credit transfer amount is at the recipient's immediate disposal. 
  • Flexible: the maximum transfer amount per transaction is 1.000 Euro so is not limited to only small amounts. 
  • Around the clock: instant credit transfers can be made 24 hours a day, seven days per week. 
  • Fast and safe online: suitable for use as a payment system in your online shop

For instant credit transfers to be made and received, both the person making the transfer and the recipient must have an account with a bank that participates in the "SEPA Instant Payment Program". UniCredit Bank Austria supports TARGET Instant Payment Settlement (TIPS) and EBA Clearing (all EBA participating banks can be found at https://www.ebaclearing.eu/services/instant-payments/participants/, all TIPS participating banks can be found at https://www.ecb.europa.eu/paym/target/tips/facts/html/index.en.html)

  • Payments within the SEPA area. 
  • Maximum amount of amount 1.000 Euro per transaction 
  • Credit transfers exclusively in EURO.
  • Fee: depending on the amount transferred 

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