With Private Banking investment advice, you’ll build on a broad range of products, an active investment strategy, and comprehensive advisory tools.

Diversity facilitates individual solutions

Sound investment decisions require extensive knowledge, technical information, and good investment advice. Investment consulting at Bank Austria Private Banking follows structured criteria, systematic analyses, and well-founded market information. You’ll receive individualised solutions with a holistic outlook.

Private Banking fund partners

Through our collaboration with eleven selected international fund partners, you can build on a reviewed range of funds and diverse expertise.

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What risk type are you?

Knowing how much risk you can still sleep well on is an important basis of any investment decision. A brief test developed by the Max-Planck Institute provides you with certainty regarding your individual risk profile, an important basis for your investment decisions. In addition, the test provides information about the individual decision-making behaviour. You thus learn what investment type you are, also with regard to your willingness to delegate investment decisions. You can thus decide very easily between an asset management or the service model UNIVERS EXKLUSIV or other investment solutions.

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Portfolio quality analysis consulting

In light of the ever more complex financial market, an analysis of your personal asset investment from a bird’s-eye perspective is worthwhile from time to time. You receive a detailed depiction and analysis of your securities portfolios according to investment categories, a comparison of your current portfolio and a model portfolio as well as a specific investment proposal.

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Asset report

Sometimes you need a view from the top to see things clearly. We’ll make you a professional inventory of your assets: we summarize all important assets items, from securities, insurance policies, and real estate to holdings and other values in a private asset balance sheet. Your individualised asset report provides you with a clear overview for further decisions and is a good basis for asset succession planning.

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Legal information

This marketing notification does not constitute any investment advice or investment recommendation.
In particular, it does not represent an offer or a request to make an investment. It is provided only as initial information and cannot replace advice tailored to the individual circumstances and knowledge of the investor.

Every capital investment harbours a risk. Values and yields of an investment may suddenly rise or fall to a considerable extent and cannot be guaranteed. Currency fluctuations can also affect the development of the investment. The investor may not get back the total invested sum, for example if the capital investment only has a short term. The longer the investment horizon, the less short-term fluctuations become significant. Your advisor will be pleased to assist you in finding the investment strategy that matches your needs.

Our brochure entitled “Summary of guidelines for managing conflicts of interest and for disclosure of benefits” provides information on Bank Austria’s principles for dealing with these issues.

Your Private Banking relationship manager will be happy to provide further information on these matters. 
This document may not be passed on to American nationals. 
Any reproduction – even in parts – is only permitted with the prior express permission of UniCredit Bank Austria AG. Please contact your advisor if you have any questions.

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