Individual support

Individual support from the foundation idea to the management of the foundation assets.

Do you want to establish a foundation or invest foundation assets well and be professionally advised in this? The private foundation is an interesting instrument for long-term successor planning and the transfer of assets over generations. Our team of specialists advises you in your individual questions and draws up customised investment solutions according to your requirements.

Centre of competence for foundations

Bank Austria Private Banking is the market leader in the foundation segment. We pool years of experience and in-depth special knowledge for you in the centre of competence for foundations. For the private foundation is an interesting instrument for:

  • long-term succession planning
  • preserving assets
  • the care of relatives or certain third parties
  • the avoidance of family assets being split up
  • the regulation of company succession
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From the foundation idea to asset investment

You benefit from our diverse foundation know-how. An experienced team of specialists for foundations provides you with comprehensive advice:

  • individual investment concepts
  • access to an external network of experts for foundation management, tax and legal topics
  • Accompaniment in the setting up of a foundation
  • Specialist publications and specialist events on current foundation topics
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Investment solutions for foundation assets

You receive customised investment concepts for foundations that are tailored to the individual foundation purpose:

  • Liquidity analysis for foundations
  • Analysis of the current asset structure and of the portfolio
  • Development of an optimum investment concept based on the individual foundation purpose
  • Investment offers taking into account the current market situation and the respective risk profile and investment horizon
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Questions relating to the topic of foundations

Why are foundations set up?
For long-term and secure succession planning. A foundation can be set up to prevent a splitting up of the family assets, which is important particularly in the case of family-run companies. However, a foundation can also take over the function of a stable core owner (core shareholder) of companies. And it can be used to care for family members or third parties. A foundation declaration can thus be configured, for instance, as an inter-generational contract. Last but not least: A foundation can of course also serve a charitable or benevolent purpose.
From what volume of assets does the set-up of a foundation make sense?
This question cannot be answered in general terms. For first it has to be determined what purpose (own purpose / charitable) the foundation should serve and then after that what type of foundation (Austrian private foundation, federal foundation, etc.) is to be set up. The setting up of a foundation for one’s own purposes can make sense from assets of around 5 million euros or more, whereby set-up costs and ongoing costs should always be taken into account. The set-up of a federal foundation, which is possible for charitable or benevolent purposes only, can, however, also make sense with substantially lower assets.
What exactly does a consultation regarding the set-up of a foundation involve?
Here, it is about general initial information on various topics relating to the set-up of a foundation: What types are there? Which one is suitable for this purpose? What all has to be considered and done before a foundation can be set up?
What consulting services and products can we differentiate in the investment of the foundation assets?
Here too, the following applies: It must always be taken as an individual basis what type of foundation is involved and what purpose the foundation pursues. The foundation declaration always forms the framework here. This usually defines the route that can be taken with the foundation.

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