Seize opportunities quickly with the InvestitionsKredit investment loan. This offer allows you to strike while the iron is hot. 
The path is the goal. But some paths are very steep and rocky. In business, this means you need the means to clear the way. With an investment loan, business customers and freelancers can seize opportunities such as setting up a new shop or a new office.

The time may be right for a shop remodel, or to acquire additional machinery. We are also here when legal requirements make adaptations necessary or when technical medical devices need to be replaced. We assist our customers in implementing their projects rapidly and flexibly.

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An investment loan is suitable for:

  • Acquiring fixtures and equipment
  • Buying shop or office premises
  • Purchasing new machinery
  • Building a warehouse or production shop

Do you receive income as an employee? Make your personal wishes reality with an Online Loan or Housing Loan.



What documents do I need to expedite a lending decision?

  • Photo ID (passport, identity card issue by an EU Member State)
  • Sole proprietorships/natural persons: residence registration form and proof of business ownership
  • Legal persons: companies register excerpt/association register excerpt
  • Current statements from the tax office and health insurance fund
  • The last three balance sheets including statements of assets and profit/loss statements
  • Current balances list
  • Forecast calculation for at least one year
  • For start-ups in founding or operation: business plan including a three-year budget, notarial act, and CV

Are you no longer able to make your loan payments? Is business poorer than anticipated? Are you suddenly unable to work? Even if no one wants to expect the worst, it is good to prepare in time. Risk coverage can allow you to conduct your business without worries.

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Financial and liquidity planning

Get an overview of your company's liquidity situation and identify potential for optimisation.
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How do you stand relative to the competition? Compare your company metrics with the industry average. 
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What insurance cover is a good fit for my company?

The answer depends on your field of business. 
And a comprehensive and professional risk analysis is crucial.
This is the only way to afford the greatest possible protection for the capital you have invested in your buildings, machines, and inventories.

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What funding programmes are a good fit for my company?

Government business promotion measures are linked to financial conditions. A new loan may make you eligible to receive assistance. Conversely, government assistance may improve your credit rating and make you eligible for a new loan. Our experts will be happy to explain your options and give you sound advice.
What funding programmes are a good fit for my company? How much support can I expect? Just ask our experts, who have been helping companies find the right assistance programmes for their ventures for many years.


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