Benefit from Bank Austria’s global know-how

As part of UniCredit, Bank Austria accompanies you as a reliable partner in the exploration of new markets. In cross-border business, risk mitigation, suitable financing and perfect timing are the decisive factors for success. Please find below an overview of the most important subsidies, financing, and hedging solutions for export transactions.

Is your company eligible for an export promotion?

Provided your answer is "Yes" to one of the following questions, you are eligible for an export promotion:

Financing of export activities

If you are exporting and need a tailor-made solution for financing your payment target or your production, Bank Austria is the right partner for you.

If you are looking for a flexible working capital loan with long-term attractive interest rates to finance your export activities and export receivables, OeKB offers two products: the Exportfonds Credit for small and medium-sized enterprises and the Kontrollbank credit line (KRR) for large companies.

These financings are provided by the OeKB through Bank Austria.

→ Kontrollbank refinancing facilities (PDF)

Export-oriented companies can also have investments in Austria financed by OeKB through Bank Austria, provided that this investment is necessary for the fulfillment of export orders or as part of your export activities.

→ OeKB Auftragsinvest (PDF)
→ OeKB Exportinvest (Green) (PDF)
→ OeKB - Homepage (PDF)

For funding opportunities in other EU countries as well as opportunities for buyer-related export financing please click here.

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Hedging of export activities

Due to your international involvement, you are constantly confronted with export risks from your cross-border transactions (e.g. goods deliveries, services, leasing contracts). Regardless of whether you are looking for hedging for your individual transactions or a framework hedging solution for your exports - we support you in minimizing your foreign risks.

→ Guarantee by Aval for bank guarantee lines (PDF)

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