The new online banking of Bank Austria.


The online banking for companies.

Bank Austria has the right accounts for everyone

The best part: the free account switching service. From switching banks to modifying your transfers - we do it all for you.

Account types

Whether you transfer money only occasionally or do banking transactions every few minutes, Bank Austria has the suitable account package for you. From the mobile online account with the customised Perfect-Fit to the flat rate Relax account at a fixed price - they all offer you the most modern way of banking. What’s more, the account switching service is free. From switching banks to modifying transfer details, we do it all for you.

Irrespective of which account package you go for, you will automatically have the following functions:

  • Debit card (BankCard) with Maestro limit
  • Online banking and Mobile banking
  • Electronic account statements
  • Cashback1) to your account
  • Bank Austria Ticketing with up to 20% reductions for many events every year

All the information on account maintenance fees is given in the account price sheet.

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Online account
from EUR 2.03/ month

The modern variant for anyone who is on the go but always connected to the internet. All online payments are free and you can easily manage banking transactions via smartphone, laptop or tablet. To top it all, you also get cashback1).

  • All online payments are free (except fees for international payments).
  • EUR 3.06 service fee for certain transactions.

List of current accounts
Online account Fee information document

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PerfectFit account
from EUR 4.07 / month

For “infrequent users” & cash payers: only pay for what you really need. Your accounting entries are charged separately.Suitable for anyone who only needs a few standing orders and rarely withdraws money from the register - including cashback1).

  • Separately charged accounting entries.
  • EUR 1.53 service fee for certain transactions.

List of current accounts
PerfectFit account Fee information document

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Relax account
from EUR 8.16 / month

The account at a fixed price - for anyone who wants to take it easy. This includes everything: all accounting entries included (except fees for international payments), intensive use, branch visits, fixed prices. With the Relax account you can also enjoy all the advantages of cashback1). The account at a fixed price

  • All inclusive.

List of current accounts
Relax account Fee information document

Use our account switching service

Just select the account suitable for you, we will do the rest for you quickly and for free.

  • We will contact your previous Austrian bank.
  • We will open your new Bank Austria account.
  • We will ask for all the necessary information from your transaction partner, e.g. standing orders, salary/pension transferring points, recurring credit entries.
  • We will arrange your standing orders and inform your transaction partner.
  • If you want to inform your transaction partner on your own, we will provide you with sample letters.
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Debit card (BankCard) with Maestro function

The bank card combines a number of functions that can be individually adapted to your wishes and requirements.

Services of the debit card (BankCard) with Maestro function

  • Cashless payments or withdraw cash worldwide
  • Contactless payments up to EUR 25 without having to enter the PIN
  • Using self-service devices in the lobbies of Bank Austria
  • Charge prepaid mobiles at any ATM
  • Pay online with Mastercard Identity Check

On the bank card for visually impaired persons, personal information is printed in extra large font.

FAQ for the "Mastercard® Identity CheckTM"- procedure (PDF)


Generally, Austrian banks have very high security standards for Maestro ATM cards. However, one of the most common crimes is so-called “skimming”. At manipulated ATMs, the magnetic stripe of the card is copied and the PIN is captured. With the stolen data, cash withdrawals are made outside Europe.

The most important questions and answers about GeoControl (PDF)


1)The CashBack service provided by Bank Austria is envisaged to end on 31 December 2020.