Umweltzeichen* The “GoGreen-account” was awarded the Austrian Environmental Certificate by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology because the projects financed through the deposits in this account take account of ecological and social criteria besides economic considerations. The Environmental Certificate is a guarantee that these criteria and their implementation are suitable for selecting specific projects. This was verified by an independent body. The award of the Austrian Environmental Certificate does not constitute any economic evaluation and is not an indicator for the financial product’s future performance.

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Use our account switching service

Just select the account suitable for you, we will do the rest for you quickly and for free.

  • We will contact your previous Austrian bank.
  • We will open your new Bank Austria account.
  • We will ask for all the necessary information from your transaction partner, e.g. standing orders, salary/pension transferring points, recurring credit entries.
  • We will arrange your standing orders and inform your transaction partner.
  • If you want to inform your transaction partner on your own, we will provide you with sample letters.
Legal information
1 Promotion ‘100 euros & 1 year free account management’ valid from 20 May to 1 September 2024 for new Bank Austria customers only when taking out a GoGreen account online in conjunction with opening 24You Internetbanking. The waiver of the account maintenance fee applies for 1 year from account opening. Thereafter, the agreed account maintenance fee will be charged. The other agreed fees remain unaffected by this promotion. The detailed fees for the private account can be found in the display.
Additional requirement for receiving the 100 euro bonus: Granting consent to be contacted for marketing purposes, activation of the MobileBanking app and at least 3 card payments per month within the next 3 months after opening the account (3 card payments in the first month, 3 card payments in the second month and 3 card payments in the third month) with the physical or digital Bank Austria debit card online or on site in a shop. Each card payment must be for an amount of at least 10 euros. The bonus of 100 euros will be credited within a time frame of 60 days after the aforementioned requirements have been met.
2 CashBack Online: a co-operation with BenefitWorld GmbH. More information and partners at

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