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Short-term investment

If you want to invest your disposable capital for the short-term, you can choose from a varied range of
money market and related products. The options range from an account-based investment (e.g. term
account) via money-market related funds to specialist treasury investments.

DispoKonto Plus

The DispoKonto Plus is an investment account which is attached to a selected account used for payment handling in euro. The rights of signature of the selected account are inherited by the DispoKonto Plus. Transfers in and payments out from the DispoKonto Plus must always pass through the selected reference account.

EUR term account

The EUR term account is an easy to use and uncomplicated form of investment. You select the amount and the term to suit your individual needs, and receive in return a fixed rate of interest. At the end of the term, you have the option of extending the account under new terms and conditions.

Medium and long term investment

As well as the level of risk attached to the investment, the period for which it is fixed will affect the level
of your income. If you wanted to invest part of your capital for the longer term (1 year or more), then
you can choose from a number of products available for company investments, depending on the
duration you are seeking, which will reward you with a better return than is available in the short-term


When purchasing bonds, you become a lender and a creditor. Depending on their configuration, the credit rating of the issuer, term and currency, different bonds incorporate different risks and also different potential yields.

Bank Austria offers its own bonds and also central government bonds, bonds from supranational bodies and corporate bonds.

Your account manager can provide you with more information.


Stocks are securities that represent a shareholding in a company (share company). The main rights of the shareholder are participation in the companies profits and voting rights at the General Meeting (exception: preference shares).

As an investor, and therefore a part owner of a company, you are entitled to participate in the growth of the company, but you also accept a risk up to and including the total loss of your investment. The price of a share generally tracks the economic progress of the company, as well as the general economic and political situation and developments. Irrational factors (sentiment, opinions) can also affect the price and therefore the return on your investment. In addition, liquidity can be a problem for illiquid titles with a small market (especially listings on unregulated markets, OTC trading).

Investment funds

When investing in an investment fund you are benefiting from the knowledge and experience of professionals who manage the funds assets following closely defined legal guidelines. Bank Austria offers a broad range of investment options through the investment funds managed by Amundi, Europe’s largest financial funds company. Depending on your business goals and your appetite for risk, we can offer funds linked to the money markets, innovative bond funds, and equity funds.

You buy as many shares as you want in the total fund assets without investing directly in the individual securities. This way you can achieve the optimum risk diversification with the minimum investment sum. Your investment decision depends on many things, including your financial planning and the question of the currency in which you want to invest.

One of our fund partners: Amundi

Our fund partner Amundi is Europe's largest fund company and is one of the ten largest fund companies in the world (based on assets under management). Amundi has a strong reputation:

  • A worldwide network of analysts and fund managers who contribute knowledge and experience.
  • Wide-ranging investment solutions for private and institutional investors.
  • Thanks to their size and international presence, Amundi is able to provide its customers with superior services and more effective solutions.

Other front-line fund partners
As well as Amundi, we partner with 10 other international names in fund managers who are selected using strict quality criteria.
Only funds which, according to our own evaluation, possess an excellent risk/return profile and have first class, experienced fund management are included in the funds we offer you.

Your account manager can provide you with more information.

The value and yield of an investment in a fund may rise or fall. Previous performance is not a reliable
indicator of future results of any investment fund.

Real estate funds

Austrian real estate funds are special funds that are managed by a capital investment company on behalf of owners. Real estate funds invest the incoming funds in land, buildings, shares in land companies, building projects and liquid financial assets to ensure the necessary risk diversification. A real estate fund is eminently suitable for diversifying a portfolio and for long-term asset growth. Thanks to the daily fixing of the funds net asset value, the current price is available at all times.

With the funds managed by Bank Austria Real Invest Immobilien-Kapitalanlage GmbH (German language) we offer you the option to invest in property.

The value and yield of an investment in a fund may rise or fall. Previous performance is not a reliable
indicator of future results of any investment fund.

Structured investment instruments

By "structured investment instruments" we mean investment instruments whose yield and/or capital  reimbursement are not usually fixed, but are determined by defined future events or developments. In addition, these investment instruments can, for example, be set up in such a way that when a target value that is defined in advance is reached, the issuer may be able to terminate the product prematurely, or it may even be terminated automatically.

Bank Austria offers a wide range of structured products and certificates that can be arranged to match your special investment needs.


  • Where interest and/or profit distributions are agreed, these may be dependent on future events or developments (indices, baskets, individual shares, specific prices, commodities, precious metals etc.) and therefore may only be made in part, or not at all.
  • Reimbursement of capital may be dependent on future events or developments (indices, baskets, individual shares, specific prices, commodities, precious metals etc.) and therefore may only be made in part, or not at all.
  • When looking at interest or profit distributions, as well as capital reimbursements, you must take into account interest risk, currency risk, business, sector, country and credit rating risks (and potentially a lack of ranking entitlement or separation in case of bankruptcy) and also tax risks.
  • The risks listed in items 1 to 3 may lead to severe fluctuations in price (price losses) during the term of the investment, or may make sale during the term of the investment difficult or impossible, regardless of any guarantees of interest, earnings or capital that may exist.