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Retirement pension scheme

The statutory funding requirement makes the occupational pension scheme for old-age retirement attractive to both employers and employees. Depending on the number of employees to be covered and other business factors, such as the size, legal form and liquidity of the company, the following pension alternatives may be available:

  • Securing the future in line with Section 3 para. 1 clause 15 (a) EStG (Einkommensteuergesetz [Austrian Income Tax Act])
  • Multi-company pension fund
  • Private pension plan (individual benefits plan)
Severance provisions and self-employed pensions

With the introduction of the Austrian "severance pay reform" rules, the transfer of redundancy and retirement obligations of the employer to legally independent occupational pension funds (prior to 2008: employee pension funds) applied to all employment contracts concluded after 31/12/2002. For employees who started their present employment before 1/1/2003, either the "Old severance pay" continues to apply, or a transfer to the "Severance pay reform" (transfer to an occupational pension fund) is an option. With regard to the "Severance pay reform", 1.53% of monthly gross salary is contributed. Since 2008, the self-employed can also use a pension fund to create their own severance pay provisions.

If you have an occupational pension scheme, you are prepared for severance claims by employees.

Bank Austria's partner for the "Severance pay reform" is:
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Legal information

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