With a bank, most people think about investing money and applying for loans. But a bank also works with the invested money. Through every decision and every cent of it, banks create a leverage effect that has a far greater impact on our environment than decisions made by other companies. Bank Austria is aware of this responsibility. We are therefore increasingly working on investments in renewable energy and sustainable projects for the benefit of our environment. You can actively support us in this by choosing sustainable investment and credit products. Because: Your money can save the environment. 


Our commitment at a glance

Did you know that ...

  • Bank Austria has reduced its CO2 emissions by more than 80% since 2008?
  • Bank Austria operates one of the largest private geothermal energy systems Europe?
  • Bank Austria offers a home to 20 bee colonies on the roof of its headquarters in Vienna and to 1 bee colony at the UniCredit Center on Kaiserwasser?
  • UniCredit is one of the most sustainable companies in the world according to the Corporate Knigths Ranking 2022?
  • all buildings and branches of Bank Austria are 100% barrier-free?
  • Bank Austria has entered into a cooperation with the Austrian national parks and supports special projects every year.
  • Bank Austria has entered into a cooperation with WWF to work on consistently anchoring sustainability goals in the lending portfolio.

Our sustainable products

For every euro in a GoGreen-account, GoGreen-youth account, GoGreen-student account or GoGreen-Business account we put one euro into funding sustainable projects.

The total volume comprises financing in the following categories:

As of 30.04.2024

Icon Nachhaltige Eigenheimfinanzierung   Icon Wasserkraft   Icon Windkraft   Icon E-Auto
95,70 %
Sustainable home financing
  0,23 %
  4,05 %
Wind power

Choose a greener future

By opening a GoGreen-account, GoGreen-youth account, GoGreen-student account or GoGreen-Business account, you contribute to ensuring a greener future. The following table shows what types of projects are financed with your GoGreen-account deposits and what types are not.

We provide financing for:
  • Energy-efficient buildings
    for both private and business purposes
    Online credit for sustainable purchases
  • Wind, solar, and hydropower
  • Sustainable water management
    such as water supply and flood protection projects
  • Environmentally friendly transport
    such as electric vehicles and low-emission vehicles, passenger trains, freight trains without diesel or fossil fuel drives

We DO NOT provide financing for:
  • Nuclear power
  • Defence
  • Genetic engineering
  • Coal, petroleum, or natural gas production
  • Coal or petroleum refineries
  • Power generation using coal or petroleum
  • Fossil fuel-powered technologies
  • Efficiency improvements in the field of fossil fuels
  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS)
  • Non-sustainable timber use
  • Large dams

Sustainability is an essential element of our daily activities. You can find additional information here:

UniCredit Integrated Report 

Legal information
1 The Austrian Ecolabel was awarded to the "GoGreen-Konto", the "MegaCard GoGreen-Jugendkonto", the  "GoGreen-Studentenkonto" and the "GoGreen-Businesskonto" by the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Infrastructure and Technology (BMK) because environmental and social criteria are considered in addition to economic criteria in the projects that are financed with these current account deposits. The Ecolabel guarantees that these criteria and their implementation are appropriate for selecting suitable projects. This was reviewed by an independent body. The awarding of the Ecolabel is not an economic assessment and has no relevance for the future performance of the financial product.


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