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Everyone can support our environment in a sustainable way. Join us on the path to a sustainable future. #togetherwematter On sustainability


With a bank, most people think about investing money and applying for loans. But a bank also works with the invested money. Through every decision and every cent of it, banks create a leverage effect that has a far greater impact on our environment than decisions made by other companies. Bank Austria is aware of this responsibility. We are therefore increasingly working on investments in renewable energy and sustainable projects for the benefit of our environment. You can actively support us in this by choosing sustainable investment and credit products. Because: Your money can save the environment. 


Our commitment at a glance

Did you know that ...

  • Bank Austria has made 800 events possible within the framework of the Vienna Summer of Culture 2020?
  • all buildings and branches of Bank Austria are 100% barrier-free?

Our sustainable products

Go Green-account

Sustainability and banking now go hand in hand. You can already do something for the environment in your daily handling of your money. The GoGreen account offers you all the financial conveniences of a bank account, focuses on sustainability and supports environmental protection. 


CashBack GoGreen

We have our future in our own hands. That's why you can now buy CashBack, Cashback Online* and CashBack vouchers** from sustainable companies and do good. Pay attention for the CashBack GoGreen-partner logo , this indicates sustainable GoGreen partners. 

Attractive home financing

Every customer who takes out a home loan receives a 300 euro voucher for a two-hour energy efficiency consultation. So we are happy to support you in financing your house or apartment especially if you are thinking about environment friendly solutions.

The future belongs to green living spaces. So we are happy to support you in financing your house or apartment – especially if you are thinking about environmentally friendly solutions. You will receive an additional 200 euros credited to your current account upon presentation of the energy certificate:

  • from a heating requirement of up to 36 kWh/m2a
  • if proof of improvement of the energy index by at least one level according to the cover sheet on the energy certificate is provided


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Sustainable financing and investments for companies

Find out everything you need to know about sustainable financing and investments and how we can support you and your company in this.


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