Bank Austria as a pioneer

Generating value for the benefit of the community, our customers, employees, shareholders, and current and future generations: this is our mission and our identity. The Environmental Management System allows us to take changed circumstances into consideration and to reach appropriate decisions.

At the same time, it offers us a unique opportunity to intervene more deeply and effectively in the impact of our presence in economic and social life through our business decisions.

Bank Austria on the road of success with environmental targets

graphic total energy consumption Bank Austria

We are pioneers in environmental protection - the successful implementation of the climate protection initiative "klimaaktiv pakt2020" of the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection and the Environment (BMK) confirms this. In 2019, we again massively improved our environmental performance and almost halved our total energy consumption compared to 2018.   

Roman Jost, Environmental Manager: We have already exceeded our environmental goals for 2020 in 2019 in all areas and in all sub-areas - whether in reducing CO2 emissions from business travel, electricity, heating, water, paper or waste. For some environmental indicators, we have even already achieved the UniCredit Group targets for 2030.

The relocation to the Austria Campus has had a great impact on environmental data:  

  • For electricity, the savings since 2008 have been 77 %. In addition, we have recently started to purchase almost 100% electricity with the Austrian eco-label (UZ 46), which comes from renewable energy sources and is therefore CO2 neutral. We have been able to reduce the energy required for heating by 72% since 2008 - also thanks to our own geothermal energy system on the Austria Campus.  
  • There has also been a very encouraging development in the volume of waste: Compared to last year, the amount has been reduced by over 80%! This is mainly due to the fact that a lot of bulky waste was generated before we moved to the Austria Campus. 
Persons holding different plants

Bank Austria’s active environmental management

An environmental management network was established in order to ensure a sustainable Environmental Management System at Bank Austria. This guarantees the coordination and implementation of environmental issues across all banking areas. The appointment of a steering committee underlines the importance that we give to this issue.

But how will this work in practice?

The international standard ISO 14001 is - apart from the EMAS regulation - the world’s most important guideline when it comes to what corporate environmental management should consist of. Following this standard, environmental protection is systematically entrenched into a company’s management.
Thanks to the commitment of our employees, over the last few years Bank Austria has continually improved its Environmental Management System, which is already ISO 14001-certified.
We confirm our commitment to promoting sustainable development and to reaching the targets set by the Kyoto Protocol. Furthermore, we have been working together on various initiatives over the years.
Not only do we comply with the applicable environmental legislation, but we have voluntarily committed ourselves to participate in initiatives and programmes such as UNEP, ISO 14001, klima:aktiv and Equator Principles.

An extract from the Bank Austria environmental programme shows further steps

  • Reduction of expensive storage media for energy saving
  • Implementing new media to reduce hardware
  • Printing with FollowMe printing system and PretonSave software
  • Implementation of an environmentally friendly Paper Policy for efficient paper usage.
  • Pilot operation of “paper-free” branches
  • Continual expansion of the Energy Monitoring System

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