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klimaaktiv: climate protection in our company

An alliance was created with the klimaaktiv pact 2020 that supports and accompanies companies in matters relating to corporate climate protection. Bank Austria is also a pact partner since 2011.

Anton Kolarik, Head of Marketing and Communication Channels Bank Austria and Management Environmental Officer as per ISO 14001

"With pakt2020 we expect to have a structured exchange of information with other companies that should inspire us to further activity in the environmental area. Together with the other pact partners we hope to tackle climate protection and set examples in the development of ecologically and economically sound management."


klimaaktiv Partner

The voluntary measures of the Austrian Climate Strategy are bundled together under the umbrella brand klimaaktiv, the climate protection initiative of the Ministry for a Liveable Austria. The central goal is the market launch and quick distribution of climate friendly technologies and services.

Dr Martina Schuster, Head of the Energy and Economic Policy Department at the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism

"Only truly pioneering companies can participate in the klimaaktiv pact 2020. Bank Austria has been a partner since the very beginning. It has voluntarily set ambitious goals for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and is continually working to achieve them. This requires courage and vision. We look forward to taking this path together until 2020 and to leading Austria into a new era in energy."

An alliance was created with the klimaaktiv pact 2020 that supports and accompanies companies in matters relating to corporate climate protection. The companies commit to a voluntary agreement on targets in order to comply with the Austrian climate objectives.

Based on the 2005 values, a 16% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a 20% increase in energy efficiency, and coverage of 34% of overall energy requirements through renewable energy sources apply, and as minimum targets Bank Austria has committed to a reduction of CO2 emissions by 30 per cent by the year 2020.

How will we do it?

We will reduce our ecological footprint by creating an environmental programme every year. This programme encompasses the development of energy saving features, (e.g. the construction of photovoltaic systems, energy monitoring, ecological buildings, as well as information and communication measures).

To be admitted into the pact companies must submit an innovative plan of action up to 2020. The overall concept and the long term commitment make the klimaaktiv pact 2020 unique. This also ensures that the climate protection measures taken will produce measurable results and provide a sustainable contribution to reach the national climate protection targets.

The Austrian Energy Agency and the Federal Environment Agency will examine on a yearly basis how well the individual companies are on their way to achieving their targets.