A complete success: the goals of the klimaaktiv pakt2020 were already achieved by the end of 2019. Now the next stage of the pact is about to begin, in which Bank Austria has been an active partner since 2011. 

klimaaktiv pakt2020 takes impressive stock
The commitment of the pact partners has paid off: the goals defined for 2020 were already achieved in autumn 2019. With consistency and a great deal of effort, they have saved more than 1.39 million tonnes of CO2 since 2005 - equivalent to the emissions from around 200,000 flights around the world. As pioneering companies, the klimaaktiv pact partners are demonstrating that energy efficiency, business success and climate protection can be well combined.

Anton Kolarik, Head of Marketing & Communication Channels Bank Austria and environmental officer of the management
Anton Kolarik, Head of Marketing & Communication Channels Bank Austria and environmental officer of the management
Our expectations of the pakt2020 were fully met. Above all, the structured exchange of experience with like-minded companies has given us important impulses for our activities in the environmental sector.

Together with the other pact partners we hope to tackle climate protection and set examples in the development of ecologically and economically sound management

About the pakt2020

With the klimaaktiv pact, the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Technology and Innovation offers large Austrian companies a voluntary, credible and transparent alliance for climate protection. Under professional support by the experts of klimaaktiv, the partners of the pact develop individual climate protection concepts and implement them at company level.


Largest geothermal energy system in the new Bank Austria headquarters

As a large Austrian company and partner company in the klimaaktiv pact2020, we are setting an example in terms of climate protection. With the new headquarters on the Austria Campus, the company's energy consumption has been drastically reduced and one of the largest geothermal energy plants in Europe in terms of surface area has been put into operation. In addition to the technical improvements, we are particularly concerned about raising the awareness of our employees. The aim is to further develop resource-conserving behaviour.

Corporate climate protection activities in all areas

In addition to the sustainable design of our company headquarters, we also operate numerous energy-saving and climate-friendly measures throughout Austria. These include the replacement of refrigeration machines in office buildings, the expansion of energy-saving features for IT equipment and ongoing energy monitoring of the branches. In addition, photovoltaic systems have been installed at suitable locations, such as Innsbruck, in order to make a contribution to renewable energy supplies. In the branch area, preference is being given to district and local heating, and existing heating oil boilers are being successively converted.

With the help of the environmental management system introduced in 2011, we have been able to continuously improve our operational environmental performance. It will continue to make a significant contribution to the most ecological use of the headquarters in the future.

Twelve large Austrian companies have set themselves ambitious targets to help achieve the national climate targets: Bank Austria, BUWOG Group, Canon Austria, Caritas Salzburg, Danone, Greiner Packaging Austria, hali büromöbel, Hoval, McDonald's Austria, Ölz Meisterbäcker, REWE International AG and Vöslauer Mineralwasser GmbH. They are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 16 percent, to increasing their energy efficiency by at least 20 percent and to using at least 34 percent renewable energy sources (10 percent in the transport and mobility sector).

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