Take control of your trading – with UniCredit Trader (UCTrader)!

UCTrader is a web-based tool that was specially designed for currency trading. 


UCTrader Hotline:
Phone: +4350505-82630
E-Mail: efxsalesAT@unicreditgroup.at

UCTrader delivers prices for relevant currencies directly to your computer. You can execute transactions with the push of a button and conveniently trade the desired currencies and financial instruments with a user-friendly interface. At the same time, you can choose between spot, forward currency, and foreign exchange swap transactions. Executed transactions are saved for you and can be viewed later.

This service is aimed at all companies who wish to have free, direct access to the financial markets from anywhere during trading hours in order to remain competitive and informed in the fast-moving world of the foreign exchange markets.

Your advantages:

  • Free and direct access to the financial markets
  • Shorter time to market: With UCTrader, you don’t have to worry about the hardware or maintenance and can immediately take advantage of the benefits of an electronic trading platform.
  • Reliability and security: You work with a stable, reliable system that meets industry standards.
  • User-friendly application: No software has to be installed or changes made to your computer. You simply log in by entering a password and a PIN.

→ Flyer UCTrader (PDF) 

Important notice:
All transactions are conducted online and thus take effect immediately. They cannot be cancelled in the event of an error but only offset with a countertrade!

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