It is now many years since ESG and the whole concept of sustainability first began to influence the entire process and production chain of virtually all companies, often prompting the question “How sustainable is my business model now”? As their finance partner we therefore provide companies with comprehensive support in this transition to a more sustainable future and offer special ESG services and customised financing solutions – from loans to capital market solutions, financial assistance schemes and investments. We also invite you to avail yourself of our relationship managers’ ESG expertise for your company.

ESG briefly explained

ESG – the three criteria for more sustainability
What do the three criteria of environmental, social, and governance stand for?

icon plant Environmental

Assessment based on environmental factors such as:

  • Investments in renewable energy
  • Efficient use of energy and raw materials
  • Environmentally sustainable production
  • Low emissions into air and water
  • etc.

icon heartSocial

Assessment based on social aspects such as:

  • Compliance with labour laws
  • High occupational health and safety standards
  • Promotion of diversity
  • Fair working conditions, appropriate remuneration, and education and training opportunities
  • Requiring suppliers to implement sustainability standards
  • etc.

icon persons Governance

Assessment of investments based on type of governance

  • Commitment to sustainability management anchored at management board and supervisory board level
  • Management board remuneration tied to achievement of sustainability objectives
  • Handling of whistleblowing
  • Transparent measures for preventing corruption and bribery
  • etc.
Robert Zadrazil, Chief Executive Officer of UniCredit Bank Austria AG
Robert Zadrazil, Chief Executive Officer of UniCredit Bank Austria AG
“We must seize this opportunity to work together and turn the Austrian economy into a sustainable, climate-preserving system.”

Our ESG-services & products:


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The sustainability loan

Sustainable governance pays off: UniCredit Bank Austria supports businesses on their sustainable path with the new sustainability loan. It is specifically intended for medium-sized companies that can demonstrate their sustainability strategy.

→ Leaflet sustainability loan (PDF)

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OeKB’s “ExportInvest Green” and “ExportInvest Green Energy” investment promotion incentives offer attractive financing solutions for Austrian exporters undertaking investments which make a sustainable contribution toward improving environmental conditions.

→ More about Exportinvest Green (PDF)
→ Leaflet Exportinvest Green (PDF)
→ Leaflet Exportinvest Green Energy (PDF)

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EIF – Invest EU: Sustainability, Innovation and Digitalisation

The EIF and UniCredit Bank Austria AG have concluded a guarantee ceiling agreement for EUR 90 million. SMEs and mid-caps investing in the strategic Sustainability, Innovation and Digitalisation megathemes benefit from this arrangement through exceptionally favourable terms.

→ Leaflet Invest EU Guarantee (PDF)

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Bonds with focus on sustainability

More and more investors are making investment decisions based on sustainability aspects. Structured bonds allow you to invest a specific amount of capital at a fixed term and with a minimum repayment upon maturity. The underlying is based on a variety of sustainability issues.

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Social impact banking

Our social impact banking provides support and financing for businesses and organisations that create social utility in a measurable way and help to improve the population’s financial knowledge.

→ More about Social Impact Banking

The banking sector is an important multiplier in terms of sustainability because it can create more leverage than any other industry.

Did you know, that ...?

  • we have issued another green bond on the capital market in February 2023, this time for an amount of 750 million euro. It is the second green mortgage covered bond issued under UniCredit's Sustainability Bond Framework. The proceeds will be used to finance or refinance green buildings.
  • we were the first bank in Austria to sign a Climate Action Facility Loan for EUR 92 million with the EIB in August 2022, enabling us to jointly support our customers wanting to invest in renewable energy or in energy efficiency with an overall project portfolio of up to EUR 200 million?
  • we issued the first Green Mortgage Covered Bond in May 2022 in the context of UniCredit's Sustainability Bond Framework?
  • we played a key role in the financing of Northvolt, Europe’s first and largest factory for the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars – which will also produce the most environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery in the world with a minimal CO2 footprint thanks to a 50% recycling rate?
  • we financed the expansion of one of the largest wind farms in Austria in Gols on Lake Neusiedl, in collaboration with the European Investment Bank? The wind farm will have an output of 143 megawatts and supply around 90,000 households with renewable electricity.
  • we issued the first green bond in Austria for Verbund in 2014?
  • we issued the world’s first syndicated loan with binding sustainability criteria for Verbund in 2018?
  • we launched Europe’s first promissory note with binding sustainability criteria for Lenzing in 2019?
  • UniCredit was involved from the outset when the first green bond was floated on the market? The European Investment Bank issued the first green bond in 2007, and we at UniCredit acted as lead manager.