Sustainable finance is becoming more and more important.

To account for this, OeKB has launched Exportinvest Green – a financing instrument for Austrian exporters making investments that reduce harmful effects on the environment and that make a lasting contribution to improving the environment.
And as the programme includes a number of different financing solutions, we provide expert advice to enable companies to choose the specific solution that fits their individual circumstances.

Exportinvest financing embedded in a comprehensive promotion concept

One in every two Austrian companies active in foreign trade already counts upon our business promotion advice and expertise. And we are a leading partner in the arrangement of OeKB guarantees. With the assistance of our business promotion specialists, suitable projects can not only be financed through Exportinvest Green from OeKB, but may also be eligible for additional support such as grants under federal or provincial environmental promotion programmes. The end result is an individualised package consisting of the various promotion and financing programmes for each project and company.

Financing through Exportinvest

Exportinvest also enables Austrian exporters to profit from the low-cost refinancing of OeKB for domestic projects that facilitate or expand their export business and generate local value-add. With the addition of the “green” component, it is now even easier to finance up to 100% of an investment through us in cooperation with OeKB.

The export rate rounded down is the principal indicator for the percentage that can be refinanced at the OeKB’s preferential terms. And green investments are eligible for another 20% of the total investment. With the Exportinvest product, financing is generally available as a percentage of the actual investment defined by the export rate rounded down, for example 50% of the total investment for a company with an export rate of 54%. If an investment qualifies for Exportinvest Green, another 20% is available, bringing the financing total to 70%.

→ Leaflet Exportinvest Green (PDF)
→ Leaflet Exportinvest Green Energy (PDF)