The new online banking of Bank Austria.


The online banking for companies.

BusinessNet - the online banking for corporate customers: My business finances under control - via a smartphone or tablet, anytime, anywhere

With Bank Austria’s BusinessNet banking portal, you can keep an eye on your corporate finances at all times. Wherever you are - also via a smartphone or tablet. BusinessNet can be launched on any device with Internet access and browser. You can check your finances, carry out transactions and have access to the latest information from the financial world.

With each version, you can use the following basic functions: Retrieve your current account balance as well as the value date balance and turnover, domestic transfers, payment instructions and tax office payments, foreign and date transfers, modification or deletion of standing orders and credit transfer orders. The specific functions can be individually adapted according to your requirements.

BusinessNet is available in the following versions:

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BusinessNet Smart

In addition to the functions of online banking (e.g. 24you), BusinessNet Smart also offers the option of collective signatory authorisation and the assignment of user roles.

Overview of Functions:

  • Download securities and account transactions (CSV format)
  • Electronic account statement in PDF format
  • Communication centre
  • Collective signatory authorisation
  • Assignment of user roles (master, signing and information authorisations)
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BusinessNet Basic

In addition to the functional scope of BusinessNet Smart, additional functions are integrated.

Overview of Functions:

  • All functions of BusinessNet Smart
  • Currency converter Pro
  • Foreign exchange spot rates and cross rates
  • Historical price search
  • Signing by third parties
  • Establishment of fixed transfer paths
  • Requesting bank information and letters of reference

BusinessNet Professional

In addition to the services of BusinessNet Smart and BusinessNet Basic, additional functions are integrated.

Overview of Functions:

  • All features of BusinessNet Smart + Basic
  • Multi Bank Standard MBS (i.e. processing accounts with several banks)
  • Condensed view of the accounts of all Group companies (Group Banking)
  • Third-party account management

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Everything under control thanks to the assignment of user roles

You can grant certain rights to other people within BusinessNet:

  • Person authorised to record
  • Person entitled to information
  • Authorised Signatory
  • Master User (Administrator)

Examples of possibilities: Account information can only be viewed by certain people or foreign transfers can only be made by certain users. Only the Master User can determine who obtains which rights.

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MobileBanking App: Financially mobile, how and where you want

The future in Business Banking is also mobile. More and more banking matters are being handled via smartphones and tablets. Bank Austria’s new MobileBanking App opens up an even more flexible and mobile world of banking to you. Make bank transfers, securities trading, etc. via smartphone in the future. Or simply contact your advisor on the go.

The functions of the MobileBanking App

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The latest version of the App for your smartphone is available in the App store of your respective provider.