Conviniently on the go

Concentrate on your business and let the BusinessNet app support you with your banking. The new app allows you to easily manage your company finances on the go. With full functionality, just like in the MobileBanking app.

Now download the BusinessNet App

The name in the stores (iOS, Android) is “Bank Austria BusinessNet”.

Mobile authorisation of payments

Mobile authorisation of payments: Are you on the move a lot and not always easy to reach?
Your employees can prepare payments from your FirmenGiroKonto current account via your BusinessNet Banking and send them to you for authorisation. This allows you to maintain total control over your finances while saving valuable time.


The security of your company data is our top priority.
That’s why various security features are available in the BusinessNet app. You can use Face ID, fingerprint scanning, MobileTAN Push, and device management.

For enhanced security: switch from SMS-TAN to the MobileTAN push method.
The SMS-TAN method is considered secure, but phishing attempts via the SMS channel are increasing. We therefore recommend switching to the new MobileTAN push method. This is particularly safe because the push message on your smartphone is retrieved directly from the Bank Austria servers. 

Photo transfers

Are you looking for a way to simplify the tedious process of typing in data from invoices and payment slips? The photo transfer function allows you to make transfers quickly and securely. Just take a screenshot of the invoice and the app will transfer the payment data automatically. After quickly double-checking the data, you can authorise the payment.

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