For enhanced security: switch from SMS-TAN to the MobileTAN push method.


Also take a look at the most important FAQs about switching to MobileTAN Push.

You don't have the BusinessNet app yet?

Download of the BusinessNet App including activation of MobileTAN Push

Bank Austria BusinessNet in the App Store
Download the BusinessNet App from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

BusinessNet app: Access
Start the App and login with your User ID and PIN.

BusinessNet app: Device registration
Register your device. You can also customize the name of the device for easier identification.

BusinessNet app: Push notifications
Activate mobileTAN Push by clicking the button.

BusinessNet app: Confirm the operation
Confirm the activation with your current TAN-method.

BusinessNet app: sign the operation
Enter the TAN you received by SMS or CardTAN and sign.

You already have the BusinessNet app?

Switch from SMS TAN to MobileTAN Push

BusinessNet App: Profile
Login to your BusinessNet App. Go to "More", "Profile" and to "Push & Notification Settings".

BusinessNet app: Notification settings
Check if the slider "Activate mobileTAN Push" is activated and click on "Activate".

BusinessNet app: Confirm the operation
Confirm the activation with your current TAN-method.