We have made a list of the most important questions that may arise when switching to MobileTAN push.

What happens if I don’t have a smartphone?

The BusinessNet app and MobileBanking app cannot then be installed. We can offer you the CardTAN procedure as an alternative method. Please contact your relationship manager for further details.

Can a smartphone be used jointly by several users?

No, that is not possible. A smartphone can only be registered once as a MobileTAN push device. Every user needs his/her own smartphone to install the BusinessNet app and for registering the device as a user of BusinessNet.

Can I, as user, use more than one smartphone in parallel?

Yes, further devices can be used as an additional device. The additional device provides all information and details, and orders can be set up and saved. But orders are only approved on the principal device.

What if I use more than one BusinessNet access method?

BusinessNet is accessed only via the TAN method; parallel use of MobileTAN SMS and MobileTAN push is not possible for BusinessNet. It suffices if you install the BusinessNet app once and activate MobileTAN push for any BusinessNet access. This activation automatically covers all other BusinessNet access methods.

Can I also use the MobileTAN push function for BusinessLine?

No, MobileTAN push does not currently support BusinessLine.

What if I use 24You privately and BusinessNet for professional purposes?

You have to install the MobileBanking app for 24You and the BusinessNet app for BusinessNet on your smartphone. The TANs for BusinessNet and for 24You can be obtained in the respective app. You can use both apps in parallel on a smartphone.

What do I have to do if I have a new smartphone and in future want to use the MobileTAN push function on my new smartphone?

You have to install the BusinessNet app on the new device and register the new device as a new MobileTAN push device. You will then receive another TAN on your old device as evidence for the switch to a new smartphone. This TAN has to be entered in your new smartphone to conclude the activation process.