Small effort

With Select2Pay, you can send payment links and QR codes to your customers. With low costs and hardly any effort for your company. You create a link and/or QR code and send it to your customers by e-mail, WhatsApp, or another service – and they can use it to pay just like in any online shop.


  • Maximum security
  • Can be used flexibly
  • Overview of your payments
  • Faster payments using a direct link/QR code

Pay via a link or QR code. With Select2Pay, you can offer your customers a whole new payment option. Generate payment links and QR codes that you can put on your invoices. Or create an easy payment page on your website that customers can use to pay their bill directly. You can also use Select2Pay for your online shop.

Most invoices are paid via bank transfer at present. To this end, the company prints its IBAN and BIC on the invoice or sends along a payment slip. The customer transfers the funds via online banking or at his/her local bank. However, this system involves a great deal of effort for you as a company because it often requires a manual check of the incoming payment or a semi-automated comparison of the payments with the invoices. 

Using Select2Pay

You can use Select2Pay regardless of the size of your company or the industry in which you operate. In addition, you decide what payment types will be offered to your customers. The possibilities include all credit cards, eps bank transfer, Klarna, and PayPal as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

Select2Pay can be used for a wide range of situations in addition to the payment link/QR code function for invoices: 

  • One-page shop: Use Select2Pay for the checkout process for a focused product range.
  • Turn a photo into a purchase: Add a QR code to a picture and allow your customers to directly pay for the products shown. 

Very little effort required

In order to use Select2Pay, all you have to do is set up an account, choose your desired look, and then you can start generating payment links and QR codes and receiving payments.

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