Save time and money with video identification for businesses

Video identification eliminates the need to visit a Bank Austria branch or the offices of a notary public or other qualified third party. You can conveniently prove your identity from your workplace or from home via webcam around the clock (24/7). Your identity is verified in a personal discussion. Much like at a branch, but in this case by video. 

The video identification process is completed via a secure Internet connection by our partner Identity Trust Management AG (Youniqx). Protecting your personal data is always the top priority in this process. We only collect and use the data we need in order to determine your identity. Following the conclusion of the verification, your personal data are immediately deleted from our partner’s systems.

Coffetable with a laptop, a camera and a coffeecup

You need the following for the video identification process:

  • a computer (laptop, tablet)
  • a webcam
  • a smartphone
  • an Internet connection

Here’s how it works:

  • As indicated in the preceding discussion with your Bank Austria advisor, you receive a personal e-mail invitation for your video identification session. Using the link contained in the e-mail and the provided transaction number, you can start the video identification process whenever you want.
  • A specially qualified employee guides you through the video call. Be sure to have your identification card, passport, or driving licence ready.
  • At the end of the process, you receive a TAN by text message that you enter to conclude the video identification.    
  • After the successful identification, the data are sent securely to Bank Austria. 
  • At this point, you have successfully verified your identity.

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