Signing contracts

We use digital solutions to make it easier for companies to sign contracts.  

The qualified electronic signature, or QES, replaces your handwritten signature and simplifies a wide range of processes.

Bank Austria BusinessNet already makes it possible to communicate securely with the bank's advisors. Contracts, products, and services can be transacted online. All it takes to conclude these transactions is a transaction authentication number (TAN) or the newly introduced option of the customer's electronic signature (e.g. Handy-Signatur). This qualified electronic signature (QES) can replace a handwritten signature and is also legally equivalent to one. 
The registration, certificate creation, and use of the Handy-Signatur are free of charge, and this electronic signature makes it easy to log in to the online services of many government agencies and businesses. 
You can order your QES here.

Other important information about the QES

The signatory must be uniquely identified in order to verify the QES. There are two possibilities for this:

  1. Enclosure of a copy of a valid form of identification with every qualified electronic signature (QES)
  2. Sending the document signed using QES via BusinessNet (note: only possible in the case of individual signatory powers)

How are contracts sent?

Please note that we only send you contracts via secure channels (e.g. BusinessNet, by e-mail with TLS encryption, or in a password-protected ZIP file) in order to ensure the security of your data and maintain banking secrecy.  
We recommend that you also use secure channels when sending contracts.