Good ideas deserve a chance, we think. Therefore, say Yes to Bank Austria. With our MicroCredits, we can finance your project after the positive outcome of an individual review of your project.

Have you developed a unique business idea and already have a well thought-out implementation plan? But you don’t have the necessary start-up capital? We know how difficult it is to get a loan to create a company. We also believe that it is important to invest in innovative ideas. With our MicroCredits backed by the WKBG (Wiener Kreditbürgschafts- und Beteiligungsbank AG)*) of up to €25,000 you can receive the financing you need after the positive outcome of a review.

What does a MicroCredit consist of?


Thanks to MicroCredits, we can promote the creation and development of small companies not only through conventional forms of financing, but also by making the necessary expertise available. A MicroCredit is part of the Social Impact Banking Initiative and an effective instrument for corporate and social development.


We also offer start-up credits for the smallest business

We help companies who have difficulty accessing loans through traditional banking channels, and support the founding and growth of small companies through microcredit programs that combine financing with the basic skills and networks that they need for growth.

Legal information

*) WKBG (Wiener Kreditbürgschafts- und Beteiligungsbank AG) with its instruments to provide guarantees and take stake-holdings, is an important source of support for financing companies with registered and/or branch offices in Vienna.