Advisory from the comfort of your home or office

The last several months have shown what businesses value during the COVID-19 crisis: a combination of individual advisory and convenient digital services. 
Having personal discussions with our customers is a top priority for us. But times are changing and so is the usage behaviour of customers. Which is why we offer video advisory as an additional, modern communication channel.

Advantages of video advisory

  • Personal and competent service.
  • Allows documents to be viewed together.
  • Advice for all business-related financial questions.
  • Advisory can also be provided by experts for complex topics.
  • State-of-the-art security standards and identification process.
  • Can be used anywhere and any time.



  • If you have access to BusinessNet or 24You, you can use our video advisory service. 
  • You need a computer with Windows, Linux, or MacOS as well as speakers and a microphone or a headset.

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