Our electronic banking products at a glance

Bank Austria's electronic banking products are the ideal tools for taking the liquidity management of your company into your own hands. Up-to-date account information and efficient commissioning of your domestic and foreign payments form the strong and reliable core of our solutions, which are optimally tailored to customer needs.

Electronic banking solutions

Electronic account statement

With the electronic account statement, you will receive your daily account statements and vouchers electronically in PDF format. Electronic documents allow you to make the archiving of your account statements and receipts more efficient. Electronic account statements can be received via our BusinessLine product or an MBS product from a third-party bank, BusinessNet, MultiCash, or remote data transmission.
The electronic account statement contains a digital signature from Bank Austria for secure verification of the sender. This digital signature is based on an a-sign-corporate-light certificate issued by A-Trust. The certificate can be verified in the Directory Service of A-Trust (domain name of Bank Austria = afpp.bankaustria.at).

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