Receive entries via electronic media

Bank Austria's electronic banking products are ideal tools for taking your company's liquidity management into your own hands. 

Up-to-date account information and efficient commissioning of your domestic and foreign payments form the strong and reliable core of our solutions, which are optimally tailored to customer needs.

Whether for small or large, national or internationally operating companies, whether for corporate groups with a centralised or decentralised company structure - Bank Austria has the right answer for you.

AccountingAssistant (return data carrier)

AccountingAssistant offers you the opportunity to receive entries on your account together via electronic media. In this way, there can be automatic reconciliation of open items in company accounting.


  • Concluding an AccountingAssistant agreement with Bank Austria
  • BusinessNet, BusinessLine, MultiCash, ECODEX, FTP or email
  • Automated accounting


  • Reduction of manual entry of receipts and thus time savings
  • Optimising payment transactions and financial management

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