Professional liquidity management

On the basis of the cooperation of Bank Austria with the renowned company Coupa, we provide you with another professional tool to improve your cash and liquidity management.
If you want to use, direct and plan your company's available capital in an active and more optimum way, or if you need a treasury solution, Coupa's system tm5 offers you valuable support. 

Its functionality ranges from classic cash management - overview of liquidity by processing electronic account reports and automatically issued financial status, electronic payment transaction, "in-house cash pooling", issuing mid- to long-term liquidity prognoses - all the way to other attractive inter-company features. These include netting for recording company-internal receivables, dispute for resolution of possible discrepancies as a part of netting, credit management for proactive monitoring and risk evaluation of open receivables, EMIR reporting, risk management - to name only a few.


  • Solution tailored to your company by a modular design
  • Multibank capability or direct SWIFT access
  • Sound and quick decision-making by automatic supply and use of all available data
  • Lean processes, effective compliance and group-wide transparency through current, immediate and reliable information
  • Minimisation of risk by permanent monitoring, calculation and evaluation of relevant factors

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