Innovative products

As part of one of the largest bank groups in Europe, we are able to develop tailored solutions for the needs of our customers and provide comprehensive service to you with a complete range of products. 
In view of the traditionally high value set on the correspondent bank business, we especially take into account the needs of financial institutions.

As an internationally active financial institution, Bank Austria offers you innovative products, optimal service and hence a clear competitive advantage.

Virtual Bank

This service offers foreign banks the opportunity to depict themselves as a virtual bank in the systems of Bank Austria and thus represents an alternative to establishing their own representation in Austria.

With the assistance of the virtual bank, you obtain access to domestic payment transactions and are able to realise local and international pooling solutions for your customers.

This concept is expanding from Austria to other countries of Central and Eastern Europe.


  • Full service offer for your customers without being required to open a separate bank branch.
  • Clear competitive advantage for you and your customers by direct access to the local market.
  • Efficient coverage of customer needs after payment transaction services.
  • Support of customer needs related to cash management.
  • Cross-border bank-internal transfer of balances on the same day.
  • Outsourcing account management and processing.

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