Appropriate pooling variant for your company.

The optimum solution to concentrate your liquidity according to your needs and to improve your interest income.
Tailored to the legal conditions of a given country as well as to your company structure, we offer you the appropriate pooling variant that supports you when controlling your income stream. 

Effective pooling

This service for internationally active corporate groups with subsidiaries in one or multiple countries offers the choice between individual-country pooling structures and one cross-border pooling structure that includes multiple countries.

In both cases, available funds are concentrated in one single pooling account. The daily closing balances of the various participant accounts are transferred to the master account, each with the same day availability date.

The parameters for the liquidity concentration to be performed can be adjusted to the individual requirements (e.g., zero balancing, target balancing, minimum and/or maximum amounts for the transfers). All accounts denominated in the same currency (e.g., in EUR) can basically be integrated into one pooling structure. In a cross-border pooling structure, however, the transfer restrictions existing in multiple countries are to be followed.


  • Cross-border balancing of debit and credit balances from accounts in different countries
  • Cost savings from interest optimisation as well as savings in administration and IT
  • Support of centralised treasury management for large corporate groups
  • Straightforward access over UniCredit Group’s entire network of branch offices
Margin pooling

Margin pooling is offered especially for companies with a decentralised treasury or cash management, and it is a special form of notional pooling, which is also used for cross-border structures and multiple currencies. In margin pooling, the customer receives an interest bonus that is calculated based on the ratio of available debit and credit balances and/or the intensive use of Bank Austria’s services.

What is essential when calculating the bonus is the simultaneous availability of debit and credit balances on the customer’s various savings accounts held at Bank Austria. This method is very similar to interest compensation, but for margin pooling other criteria, such as average balances or transaction volumes, can still be brought into play for the bonus calculation.

Since with margin pooling there are no physical funds transfers and hence no currency risk exists, this product can be used both in cross-border structures and for multiple currencies.
Margin pooling is an ideal instrument to optimise interest income, if effective pooling cannot be used because of country-specific hindrances under tax law or company law or transfer restrictions that exist as a result.

Fiduciary Interest Calculation

The fiduciary interest calculation makes it possible to outsource administrative work relating to calculating the interest income earned from an ongoing pooling structure on the participant accounts to Bank Austria.


  • Interest on the basis of different reference interest rates
  • Automatic update of the settlement for any back-dated valuations on the participant accounts
  • Detailed receipts of interest distribution for allocation inside your corporation

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