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Structured financing is a solution model that involves structuring and optimising the liabilities side (financing side) of the balance sheet.
These are always tailor-made solutions that are particularly geared to the expected cash flow development of the company (= liquidity surpluses generated by the company). Bank Austria is an experienced partner both in structuring and implementing sophisticated transactions and in the subsequent ongoing support.

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Advantages of strucured financing

  • Alignment to individual needs and possibilities (e.g. cash flow)
  • Standardisation of terms, repayment conditions, interest rates, collateral, etc. by reduction to a single loan agreement with a bank consortium
  • Securing medium to long-term liquidity with a reliable partner on a transparent and calculable basis.
  • The company becomes more stable and thus also increases its own creditworthiness.
  • Due to our market proximity, the company is offered both the optimised structuring of an individual transaction (= result of an ongoing analysis of the portfolio of the company’s financing and risk positions) and efficient solutions (after detailed analyses of opportunities and risks).
  • Using Bank Austria as arranger of a syndicated financing facility, customers benefit from our experience and ability to take on large loan volumes in advance (“underwriting”) in order to place them successfully in the national and international credit market.

For whom is structured financing suitable?

Companies with a financing requirement of more than EUR 10 million, that want to broaden their financing base on national and international capital and credit markets. The reason does not therefore have to be a specific financing requirement.

Requirements for structured financing

The optimal use of structured financing is only possible if the actual needs and opportunities can be analysed in an open and transparent dialogue between the company and Bank Austria.

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