Acquisition financing at a glance

Company growth takes place either from within the company or through acquisition (takeover) of other companies or parts of companies.
Acquisition financing is the provision of purchase price financing (debt financing percentage) either to the purchaser itself, to a company that has been founded for that purpose (so-called SPC = Special Purpose Vehicle) or to the company to be acquired (Target), in particular if its liabilities are refinanced in the course of the acquisition.

Advantages of acquisition and leverage financing

  • Development of individual solution models based on specific requirements
  • Optimised use of all corporate finance products (advisory services, private equity products, etc.)
  • Options for cheaper refinancing (e.g. by OeKb funds) are outlined
  • Ensuring successful structuring and underwriting with subsequent syndication on the national and international credit market for large loan volumes
  • Experienced partner in the subsequent ongoing support
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For whom is this form of financing suitable?

Companies with a financing requirement of more than EUR 10 million and which expect advisory and financing services adequate to the increased opportunity/risk profile of such a transaction. Building on its experience, underwriting capacity and repeatedly proven placement strength in the capital markets, Bank Austria offers solutions for acquisition and leverage financing ranging from bilateral loans to arranging large-volume, internationally syndicated financing.

Requirements for acquisition and leverage financing

Successful acquisition financing requires an open dialogue between your company and Bank Austria to analyse in detail all the conditions and parameters relevant to success. This may also require the involvement of the external know-how of advisers, legal experts, etc. within the scope of “due diligence” (= detailed examination of the target).

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