Budget fully utilised: UniCredit Bank Austria's crowdfunding initiative once again a great success

  • With the help of 1,892 supporters and a total of 325,100 euros, the initiative financed 29 Austrian art and cultural projects this year

UniCredit Bank Austria has supported, collected and raised about 260 projects, 21,200 supporters and 2.7 million euros since the launch of its “reward-based” crowdfunding initiative in 2015. In cooperation with the platform wemakeit, a specialist in crowdfunding for cultural projects, the bank once again provided 100,000 euros for Austrian creatives this year. Only three weeks after the launch of the eighth crowdfunding campaign on 17 May 2022 and with the financial help of a total of 1,892 supporters, 29 Austrian art and culture projects were able to realise their monetary targets and a total of 325,100 euros were collected. The funded projects range from film, music and education to photography, technology, literature and architecture. In addition to literary and musical publications, stage performances by Jakob Pinter, Jil Clesse and the CALLA Ensemble as well as film projects by David Jenewein and Kurt Frank were among the applicants.

“Our goal is to empower communities to progress. Since its inception, UniCredit Bank Austria's crowdfunding initiative has been a more than relevant component in the democratisation of the Austrian art and culture scene. Once again this year, the budget was fully utilised, the average funding target of the projects was exceeded and every funding euro was tripled,” says Robert Zadrazil, CEO of UniCredit Bank Austria.

The record projects in 2022
With 18,085 euros, Lissi & Herr Timpe were able to achieve the highest funding amount of the crowdfunding campaign. The project of the two musicians – “Our new CD!” - will present the greatest German-language hits in a new musical style, paired with original compositions. Also pursuing musical ambitions, the female artist AYMZ can be pleased about the most supporters: A total of 140 sponsors support the planned independent debut album, which will be about gender identity, feelings, doubts and in-betweenness. The project “Felis wundersame Welt” (Feli's Wondrous World), a lovingly illustrated adventure book for children, exceeded the funding requirement by 137 percent. 7,030 euros are now available to artist Diana Bachler for the realisation of her heart's project.

All successful 2022 projects

•    Chanda VanderHart, Johanna Lacroix and Rima Al-Juburi, „Morgiana und die 40 Räuber“, music (Vienna)
•    AYMZ, „AYMZ – Debütalbum“, music (Vienna)
•    Matthias Bildstein and Philippe Glatz, „Zahlen und Ziffern“, art (Vienna)
•    Hörschiff, „Nici – Das Hörspiel“, literature (Vienna)
•    Julia, „Café am Reumannplatz“, cuisine (Vienna)
•    Nika Bauman and Ensemble Illyrica, „Illyrica's Album Debut +Tour”, music (Vienna/Zagreb)
•    Monkey.Music, „Wien.Musik 2022“, music (Vienna)
•    AnnaBella, „Debut – EP – Produktion“, music (Vienna)
•    Manami Okazaki, „Des Knaben Wunderhorn“, art (Vienna)
•    KessKess, „KessKess – Vinylalbum“, music (Lower Austria)
•    Susanne Schober, „kunst&DRUCKwerkstatt“, art (Lower Austria)
•    Salon13 and Team, „D R O P I N A das Rote Zelt”, art (Vorarlberg)
•    Christina Duncan, „Austrian Violin Education“, film (Vienna)
•    Opia, „opia | CD Produktion“, music (Vienna)
•    Studio KECK, „Die gestiefelte Katze“, music (Vienna)
•    Isabel Frey and Esther Wratschko, „Soveles Debütalbum“, music (Vienna)
•    Jakob Pinter, „norway.today“, art (Vienna)
•    Violetta Parisini, „‘Unter Menschen‘ – EP“, music (Vienna)
•    Lissi & Herr Timpe, „Unsere neue CD!“, music (Vienna)
•    Clemens Ascher, „Of Forms and Traces”, photography (Vienna)
•    David Jenewein, „Chanterelles”, film (Tyrol)
•    Diana Bachler, „Felis wundersame Welt“, Art (Upper Austria)
•    Mary Broadcast, „Mary aus schwarzem Gold“, music (Vienna)
•    Georg Breinschmid, „Classical Brein“, music (Vienna)
•    CALLA Ensemble, „KARDIA – Intermediäres Stück”, art (Vienna)
•    Waves Festival, „Ukraine @ Waves Festival“, music (Vienna)
•    Verein-ent, „ent – Offene Kulturwerkstatt“, music (Lower Austria)
•    Kurt Frank, „Europas erste Komponistin“, film (Vienna)
•    Jil Clesse, „ich : du : wir“, music (Vienna)
Further information at https://www.bankaustria.at/ueber-uns-verantwortung-kultur-crowdfunding.jsp.
Information on the projects at https://wemakeit.com/channels/bankaustria.

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