100,000 Euro for unique artistic projects

With a focus on new and innovative projects of social relevance.

a young woman paints on a wall

Up to 5,000 Euro per project

Bank Austria would like to provide opportunities for as many projects as possible. For this reason, the 100,000 Euro is divided among as many projects as possible. Each one will be financed with a maximum of 5,000 Euro until the entire budget is used up. If the volume of the project exceeds 15,000 Euro, the financial involvement of Bank Austria still remains at a maximum of 5,000 Euro.

a young man doing yoga in the air

20 supporters

The core of an initiative: the supporters of the crowdfunding campaign!
Every product that may be promoted by Bank Austria must raise the financing of the first and last third of the campaign by at least 20 supporters, via the platform wemakeit. The second third will be taken on by Bank Austria.

a couple of bikes are hanging on a wall

Disbursement of the total amount

As soon as the campaign has been successfully concluded – i.e., when the project reaches or exceeds 100% of the target amount – the total amount will be disbursed (minus the platform fee for wemakeit). In the event that a campaign based on the commitment of support on the part of Bank Austria nonetheless fails to achieve the financing of the last partial amount, Bank Austria will not pay its support contribution.