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Bank Austria has supported the visits of CliniClowns Austria since 2004

Year-by-year it makes it possible for CliniClowns to bring laughter to chronically and seriously ill children and adults. Our visits are now simply indispensable in everyday medical life. We are not typical jokers, but specially trained CliniClowns working on a scientific basis, who bring humour as a form of therapy – as an additive supplement to conventional medicine, as therapy for the soul – into the hospital.

"We don’t just help the patients, but also the relatives and the hospital staff. It’s more than laughter – it’s zest for life, confidence and hope. Anyone who laughs does not give up."
2A big thanks to Bank Austria for their lasting and loyal support."


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Pink Ribbon 2022

UniCredit Bank Austria is once again a partner of the Pink Ribbon campaign of the Austrian Cancer Aid in 2022.

Pink Ribbon is all about raising awareness about breast cancer. Every year, Austrian Cancer Aid uses it as a reminder of the importance of early breast cancer detection through regular mammography, the creation of solidarity for patients and the removal of taboos surrounding the disease, as well as direct and rapid help for those affected.

For us, supporting the "Pink Ribbon" initiative of the Austrian Cancer Aid is another form of "Caring" - a sign of solidarity with the many people affected by this disease and a strong message that there is hope: Through regular screening and early detection, we now have the opportunity to fight breast cancer.


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Red Cross

People helping people

“We’re here to help” says the central message of the mission statement of the Red Cross, which guides the activity of approximately 73,000 volunteers and 8300 full-time employees. The Austrian Red Cross (ÖRK) is active in the areas of rescue services, blood donation, disaster aid, development collaboration, care and nursing, migration, youth and first aid, in Austria and internationally.
The seven principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, volunteering, unity, and universality apply worldwide as guidelines for the work of the Red Cross.

In Austria, the Red Cross is represented in all federal states, and works in 136 local agencies across the country, around the clock, to help people. Out of love for humanity.
Customers and employees of Bank Austria have supported the work of the Red Cross for years. With their donations, they make it possible for us as the Red Cross to do what we do. In both national and international disasters, we can count on a strong partner like Bank Austria. Thanks for your sign of humanity!


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St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung (Children‘s Cancer Research)

Support for St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung

Day-by-day, St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung saves the lives of children suffering from cancer in Austria, and with its researchers, makes an important contribution to the worldwide struggle against childhood cancer. St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung is mainly financed via donations, which are tax-deductible.

The head of the institute, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Holter, says: “Modern biomedical research is expensive, and our research work has been mainly financed from the beginning through donations. Without the impressive support from the management of Bank Austria and the extraordinary efforts of the staff, our soft toy campaign would not be nearly as successful.”

St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung is one of the leading research centres in the area of paediatric oncology. Every year, about 250 children and young people in Austria get sick with cancer. Thanks to the interdisciplinary research work at international level, around 80% of the affected children can be cured.


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Volkshilfe Austria

Help for people fleeing from war and misery

Since its founding, Volkshilfe has been committed to helping people fleeing from misery and war, and needing help. In Austria, Volkshilfe runs 42 refugee facilities where it takes care of about 4000 refugees. In order to make dignified accommodation possible, new shelters are created on an ongoing basis, such as the emergency shelter in Etrichstraße in Vienna, where some 300 people find shelter on a daily basis. In the emergency accommodation on Vienna’s Kimmerlgasse around 120 persons are cared for; in addition, there is a basic service facility for families.

In Austria, more than 408,000 children and young people are threatened by poverty and exclusion. These children in particular are more often ill, and their emotional and cognitive development is often delayed; they experience poorer results at school, and seldom reach the higher school classes. As adults, they are more likely to be unemployed and threatened with poverty.
Thanks to Volkshilfe, Austrians, including many chronically ill children, accident victims, children with disabilities and disadvantaged children living under the poverty line are financially supported in acute emergency situations.

For many years, Bank Austria has supported the Volkshilfe Austria campaign “Poverty Hurts,” donating annually around €30,000 to Volkshilfe Austria.

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Wiener Kinderfreunde (Vienna Friends of Children)

For one piece of happy childhood and good opportunities

As the largest family organisation in Vienna, Wiener Kinderfreunde has supported children and their families since 1908, and promotes: All opportunities for all children!
In order to provide financial support for families in need, and to give their children better prospects in this way, there are numerous projects that are supported by the association “Wiener Kinderfreunde”: Solidarity campaigns such as collections of food and clothing, support for families with refugee backgrounds, gifts of books for children who live in social residence groups or have to spend Christmas in hospital, cultural events for children, learning aids, free time sponsorships and spare time activities for disadvantaged children with or without handicaps, and makes nice holiday experiences possible for children who otherwise would have no chance of a holiday and already have to go without enough in everyday life.

Please help the Kinderfreunde with your donation to give children opportunities and a piece of their childhood back. Because: The friends of children have something against poverty