An account for everyone

Today, having an account is not automatic. There are many people who do not have one, but urgently need one. We know how important an account is for daily life. Whether in the workplace or at home: You need an account everywhere.

With its basic account, Bank Austria offers an account with a full range of services – but without an overdraft option. This allows the processing of day-to-day payment transactions. It is available to anyone who does not have an account in Austria which offers him/her the services of a payment account with basic features and who is legally resident in the EEA, i.e. the European Economic Area.

The basic account is an important contribution by Bank Austria to what is called “Financial Inclusion”. This means that no one is excluded from economic life.

This account, in fact, is concerned with exactly that: Providing assistance to allow people to participate in economic life, even people who have been or still are in economic difficulties.

Overview of services

Account maintenance fee (booked at the end of each quarter)

  • Standard fee EUR 20.00
  • Account maintenance fee for persons who are in need of special protection in social or economic terms  EUR 10.00

Includes the following

  • Credit entries
  • Transfer order online / via the account manager (only possible within the EEA)1
  • Transfer order at the counter (only possible within the EEA)1
  • SEPA standing order / sweep agreement and SEPA direct debit
  • Euro-denominated transactions with the debit card within the EEA
  • Cash withdrawals at the counter / at the Bank Austria cash dispenser (ATM)
  • Cash deposits at the counter / at the cash manager machine
  • Accounting entries triggered by the bank (e.g. account maintenance fee, charges and interest)
  • Changes to / deletion of standing orders via Online Banking and at the counter
  • Electronic account statements
  • Account statements via the account manager
  • One debit card
  • 24You Online Banking including the MobileBanking app
  • 24-hour Service Line
  • Mastercard Identity Check
Legal information
1 The bank will automatically change orders not issued on the standard terms to standard execution. This concerns instructions for the payment of fees which diverge from the standard practice of splitting the fees, and it concerns the issuance of urgent instructions.


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