UniCredit Bank Austria and CAPE 10:
For more educational equality - opening of the CAPE 10 Education Academy in Vienna

  • CAPE 10, a social and health facility in Favoriten, Vienna's tenth district, opens its Education Academy, a low-threshold free learning and education programme for children and young people
  • UniCredit Bank Austria is making a sustainable financial contribution to this outstanding project 
  • The winning projects from the “Call for Education 2023”, CAPE 10 Education Academy and the Hobby Lobby education initiative, will be supported with a total of EUR 600,000 for their multi-year projects

Numerous incidents involving young people in Vienna's tenth district, Favoriten, caused quite a stir a few weeks ago. These incidents show how important the work of youth centres and social facilities for children and young people is. One of these important social and health facilities in Favoriten is CAPE 10.

With the Education Academy, CAPE 10 offers students in Favoriten a low-threshold free learning and education programme as an important supplement to the regular curriculum with the aim of opening up equal educational opportunities for all children and young people in this culturally and linguistically diverse district.

To mark the launch of the Education Academy at CAPE 10, UniCredit Country Manager Robert Zadrazil and CAPE 10 Managing Director Silvia Bruni invited guests to a tour of the CAPE 10 building in Favoriten and to a presentation of the project. Afterwards, Oliver Stamm, former Austrian volleyball player and pioneer of Austrian beach volleyball, spoke to around 200 children from primary and secondary schools in the 10th district about motivation, sport and how to achieve your goals.

“In Austria, individual educational and development opportunities unfortunately still depend heavily on social and family background. Education is inherited in Austria. We need to take countermeasures here. This is why UniCredit Bank Austria supports the CAPE 10 Education Academy, which paves the way for young people to successfully complete school,” says Robert Zadrazil, Country Manager Austria, UniCredit.

Together with the UniCredit Foundation, UniCredit Bank Austria is providing long-term financial support for this outstanding charitable education project. The “Hobby Lobby” education project and CAPE 10's Education Academy were the winning projects in the UniCredit Foundation's “Call for Education 2023” competition. These two outstanding initiatives are supported with a total of more than 600,000 euros for their multi-year projects. 

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