Disability Matters Europe Conference 2022:
UniCredit Bank Austria winner of the prestigious Springboard Disability Matters Award in two out of three categories

  • UniCredit Bank Austria receives awards in the categories “Marketplace” and “Workforce” for its leading role in mainstreaming disabilities
  • Already in 2018, UniCredit Bank Austria was conferred the Disability Matters Award in the category “Workplace” – as a best practice workplace in terms of inclusion of employees with disabilities
  • Inclusion of people with disabilities is firmly anchored in the corporate culture of UniCredit Bank Austria

At the Disability Matters Europe Conference 2022, UniCredit Bank Austria received the Disability Matters Award in two of three categories: “Marketplace” and “Workforce”. This makes the bank the first company in Europe to receive awards in all three categories. The awards are presented by the specialised US consulting firm Springboard and are among the most prestigious and significant international awards in the area of inclusion and accessibility.

UniCredit Bank Austria has been committed to inclusion and comprehensive accessibility for many years - far beyond barrier-free branches and inclusive workplaces. The bank employs about 230 people with disabilities. Since 2010, a dedicated Disability Management team has worked to raise awareness and sensitivity for the needs of people with disabilities. With its long-standing commitment, the bank wants to make it easier for people with disabilities to participate in everyday life and especially in working life.

The inclusion of people with disabilities is firmly anchored in UniCredit Bank Austria's corporate culture, says Robert Zadrazil, CEO UniCredit Bank Austria: “’Caring’ is one of our core values at UniCredit Group, meaning ‘being there for each other’. With our dedicated disability management team, we have been committed for more than ten years to offering all our employees and customers the most inclusive environment possible without barriers. This is how we manage to create tangible added value for everyone every day. I am all the more pleased and grateful that our many years of effort have also received international recognition through these two prestigious awards.”

“Marketplace” award for products and services designed specifically for people with disabilities
Daniela Barco, UniCredit Bank Austria Board Member for Retail, on the award in the ”Marketplace” category: “Our experienced disability management gives us a deep understanding of everyday needs of people with disabilities and enables us to meet them as customers at eye level and to develop products and services that are tailored to their needs – barrier-free and highly accessible.”

“Workforce” award for the targeted recruitment and promotion of people with disabilities
Georgiana Lazar, UniCredit Bank Austria Board Member for People & Culture, on the award in the “Workforce” category: “At UniCredit Bank Austria we are committed to nurturing a culture where everyone feels valued, creating an environment in which diversity and respect are promoted and the inclusion of people with disabilities is practiced on a daily basis. We do believe that also employees with disabilities have a lot to contribute and can achieve high efficiency if they are deployed correctly and supported with the necessary aids. Therefore, it has always been particularly important for us to hire disabled people not because of their disability, but because of their skills to perform in a given position for which they are most suited.”

Christian Schinko, Disability Manager at UniCredit Bank Austria, adding to the inclusion strategy that the bank has pursued for many years: “For leading business enterprises such as UniCredit Bank Austria, inclusion and accessibility are not only a question of social commitment, but above all a question of economic necessity. However, these two aspects need not be mutually exclusive, but can complement each other perfectly.”

Further information on UniCredit Bank Austria's commitment to the inclusion of people with disabilities are available at https://www.bankaustria.at/en/accessible-disability-management.jsp

About the Springboard Disability Matters Award
Disability Matters is one of the most important corporate events in the field of disability worldwide. The conference and awards ceremony and are held annually in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. These awards are given to corporations around the globe that are leading the way in mainstreaming disability in three categories: “Workforce”, “Workplace” and/or “Marketplace”. For more information on the awards and the award criteria, please visit https://consultspringboard.com/dm-award-descriptions-and-methodology/

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