Investing with capital security at maturity:
The new HVB Garant bond 06/2029 based on the "Energy Transition Strategy Index"

•    100 per cent participation in a rising price of the “Energy Transition Strategy Index”
•    Capital security for the entire capital invested at maturity by the issuer
•    The term is seven years, whereby the bond can be sold on and off-exchange under normal market conditions  

The performance of the “HVB Garant Anleihe 06/2029” is based on the “Energy Transition Strategy Index”. Taking into account a flexible hedging system, the index tracks the performance of the “KBI Global Energy Transition Fund - D EUR” equity fund. The “Energy Transition Strategy Index” consists of two components, the equity fund “KBI Global Energy Transition Fund - D EUR” and the money market index “HVB 3 Months Rolling Euribor Index”.

Daniela Barco, Member of the Management Board responsible for Retail at UniCredit Bank Austria, emphasises: “With the new ‘HVB Garant Anleihe 06/2029’ based on the ‘Energy Transition Strategy Index’, we offer investors an interesting opportunity in the current low interest rate environment to invest in companies that offer solutions for an adequate supply of clean and renewable energy and thereby participate in the performance of the equity fund ‘KBI Global Energy Transition Fund - D EUR’ in a risk-optimised manner.”

The “KBI Global Energy Transition Fund - D EUR” is an equity fund that aims to achieve the highest possible return by investing in shares of companies active in the alternative energy sector. To this end, the fund's assets are invested worldwide primarily in equities of companies that offer solutions for an adequate supply of clean energy. This includes utilities and companies whose main activity is in the renewable energy sector, such as the wind and solar energy sector, the fuel cell sector or the biomass sector. Furthermore, this includes companies that offer solutions for a more efficient use of energy or for an integration of renewable energy sources into the electricity grid. 

The money market index “HVB 3 Months Rolling Euribor Index” is calculated by UniCredit Bank AG and reflects the performance of an investment that is rolled over at 3-month intervals and bears interest at a rate for corresponding time deposits in interbank business.
The allocation between the two components, the equity fund and the money market index, is carried out dynamically using a flexible hedging system. The aim of this system is to control the frequency and intensity of the fluctuations (volatility) of the Energy Transition Strategy Index. The level of volatility of the equity fund determines how strongly the Energy Transition Strategy Index participates in its development. During calm phases with low volatility of the equity fund, the strategy index participates more in the development of the equity fund and less in the money market index. If the equity fund shows higher fluctuations, the participation in the equity fund is reduced and that in the money market index is increased accordingly. This procedure is intended to reduce the risk of loss for investors in volatile market situations.

On the initial observation date, the closing price (reference price) of the “Energy Transition Strategy Index” (underlying) is determined. The strike price (100 per cent of the reference price) is calculated from this. At the end of the term, the price of the underlying is observed again. The performance of the underlying is then calculated from the reference prices of the initial and last observation date. For this purpose, the reference price of the underlying on the last observation date is divided by the reference price on the initial observation date. One is subtracted from the result and the result is multiplied by 100. This results in the percentage performance of the underlying.

If the reference price of the underlying is at or above the strike price on the last observation date, the redemption per bond takes place on the redemption date, at the nominal amount of 1,000 euros plus the positive percentage performance multiplied by the nominal amount. If the reference price of the underlying is below the strike price on the last observation date, the capital protection kicks in and the redemption takes place at the nominal amount of 1,000 euros per bond.

The capital is invested for a total of seven years, whereby the Garant bond can be sold on and off the stock exchange under normal market conditions. The underlying “Energy Transition Strategy Index” is calculated in euros by UniCredit Bank AG (index sponsor and calculation agent).

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The issue in detail:
HVB Garant Bond 06/2029 related to the Energy Transition Strategy Index
Issuer: UniCredit Bank AG
Underlying : Energy Transition Strategy Index, ISIN DE000A3DK4J8
Subscription period  16.05. to 24.06.2022 (14.00 Munich local time), subject to early closure
Issue price: 100 %
Agio (premium): 4 % per nominal amount of EUR 1,000.00
Denomination: EUR 1,000
First observation day: 27.06.2022
Issue date: 29.06.2022
Last observation day: 22.06.2029
Repayment date: 29.06.2029
Participation factor: 100 %
Listing:   Expected from 30.06.2022, Stuttgart (Open Market)
Expenses and fees:    Custody account fee: annually 0.235% + 20% VAT of the market value, at least 3.92 euros annually + 20% VAT per securities position; at least 26.28 euros + 20% VAT per securities account
Selling expenses: 0.7 % of the sales value (min. 63 euros) plus third-party costs in the full amount


This press release is for advertising purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or an investment recommendation, a product recommendation, an invitation to buy or sell this bond or an invitation to make such an offer. It serves only as initial information and cannot replace advice based on the individual circumstances and knowledge of the investor. Every capital investment is associated with risk. The value of the investment as well as the amount of the income may fluctuate suddenly and to a considerable extent and thus cannot be guaranteed. There is a possibility that the investor may not get back the entire amount invested. A total loss of the invested capital is possible. Investors are exposed to the risk that the issuer may not be able to meet its obligations under the "HVB Garant Anleihe 06/2029", for example in the event of insolvency (illiquidity/overindebtedness) or an official order. This default risk also comes into play if, in the event of the issuer's financial distress, a creditor participation procedure (bail-in) has been initiated by the competent resolution authority. A total loss of the capital invested is possible. There is no deposit protection for securities. 
This press release does not constitute a prospectus within the meaning of the EU Prospectus Regulation - (EU) 2017/1129. Only the information contained in the published Final Terms of the Structured Notes and the Base Prospectus, which consists of the Securities Note for Securities with Single Underlying and Multi Underlying (with (Partial) Capital Protection) I dated May 11, 2022 and the Registration Document of UniCredit Bank AG dated May 17, 2021, together with any amendments or supplements thereto, and which has been approved by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority ("BaFin") and notified to the Financial Market Authority ("FMA"), shall be legally binding and authoritative. The approval of the Prospectus should not be construed as a recommendation or other endorsement to acquire these securities of UniCredit Bank Austria AG. You are advised to read these documents carefully before making any investment decision in order to fully understand the potential risks and rewards involved in deciding to invest. The Final Terms and the Base Prospectus as well as any supplements to the Prospectus are available free of charge at https://www.onemarkets.at/content/onemarkets-relaunch-at/de/productpage.pdf?document=FT_DE000HVB6P26.pdf  or at  www.onemarkets.at/basisprospekte (for investors in Austria) and www.onemarkets.de/basisprospekte (for investors in Germany and Luxembourg) and at UniCredit Bank Austria AG, Rothschildplatz 1, 1020 Vienna, as well as at branches of UniCredit Bank Austria AG. 
The base information sheet for the aforementioned "HVB Garant Anleihe 06/2029" is available at the branches of UniCredit Bank Austria AG and at http://www.onemarkets.at/kid/DE000HVB6P26.
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