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Tax changes in Austria - Slow steps towards a sustainable future

The recently announced tax reform will bring total tax relief of EUR 18 bn from mid-2022 up to and including 2025, focusing on the reduction of income tax rates and the start of CO2 pricing. Once all measures have been fully implemented in 2024, the annual tax relief compared with the status quo will be around EUR 4.5 bn or 1 percent of GDP. Strong economic growth should enable smooth financing, so we have not changed our budget and debt forecasts.

as of October 2021.


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Fuelling will soon be cheaper, but not in the long run

The rapid recovery of the global economy from the pandemic has triggered a sharp rise in the price of crude oil on the world markets, which has pushed up the price of fuel at Austrian petrol stations sharply. However, the price of crude oil has probably peaked and we therefore expect fuel prices in Austria to begin to ease. In the medium term, however, higher fuel prices are to be expected again. The reason for this are possible tax changes, such as the abolition of the so-called diesel privilege and an increase in mineral oil tax within the framework of the new climate protection law.


as of September 2021.


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