Holiday euro 2022: How much is your euro worth on holiday?

  • In 2022, the holiday euro of Austrians will be worth 18 percent more on average than in Austria. The purchasing power of the Austrian holiday euro is highest in Hungary, Turkey and Croatia. In general, the popular summer holiday destinations in Southern and Eastern Europe also score with lower price levels than in Austria in 2022. Switzerland remains one of the most expensive holiday destinations. 
  • Compared to 2021, the slightly higher inflation in Austria and the devaluation of the euro against many other currencies led to an average loss in value of the Austrian holiday euro abroad of around 1.5 percent. 
  • The value of the Austrian holiday euro in European holiday destinations tended to remain roughly the same in 2022 compared to 2021. However, the devaluation of the euro has made overseas destinations such as North and South America or Asia more expensive on average. The holiday euro of Austrians has also lost significantly in value compared to 2021 in the popular destination Turkey due to high local inflation. 
  • The holiday euro describes the general development of the value of goods and services in the country average and not specifically for holiday regions or holiday baskets. This may result in deviations of the actual local price levels compared to these results.

as of June 2022.

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