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Tourism revenue in the "year of the coronavirus" 2020

The measures taken to contain the pandemic caused the tourism industry to experience a decline in overnight stays and a slump in tourism revenues of around 36 percent each in the Corona year 2020 compared to 2019. Due to the different guest trends, we estimate that the 2020 revenue shortfall in Carinthia remained below 20 percent while Vienna saw by far the highest revenue losses of more than 70 percent. In Tyrol, the decline was below the Austrian average at around 32 percent, as was also the case in Burgenland, Salzburg, Styria and Vorarlberg.

as of May 2021.


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The effects of the first pandemic wave on the labour market

Despite the economic recovery over the summer, the situation on the Austrian labour market was by no means able to relax completely until the outbreak of the second wave of pandemics. Some service sectors in particular remained particularly badly affected, which was also decisive for the development of unemployment by gender, educational level, age and nationality. The deterioration in the labour market situation during the second wave of the pandemic is following familiar patterns. We only expect a relaxation when there is a sustained economic upswing from the second half of 2021. While unemployment will remain above the pre-crisis level for a few years, the pandemic is expected to accelerate structural changes in the labour market, for example through online retailing, which is now gaining in importance more rapidly.

Note: The entire study in only available in German on our homepage at https://www.bankaustria.at/wirtschaft-online-wirtschaftsanalyse-oesterreich.jsp

as of January 2021.


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