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Austria Up-to-date

The information provided by Bank Austria in our publication “Austria Up-to-date” includes current economic forecasts and the most recent data for key indicators, in some cases in the form of charts. The key indicators are supplemented by regular comments, and their impact on the forecast is analysed in this report.

In the current issue you will find:

  • Economic recovery has started
  • Corona low of April overcome - difficult recovery started
  • Labor market hit hard - unemployment rate rises to 10% in 2020
  • Inflation in June up to 1.1% - inflation remains moderate
  • Budget deficit of around 10% of GDP expected - debt will rise to 85% of GDP

As of July 2020.

Focus Austria

"Focus Austria" - Outlook in times of the "corona crisis" offers a comprehensive analysis of the economic trends in Austria with special consideration of structural conditions. The publication provides an overview of the past year and offers an outlook on the developments expected in the current year and the following year. In addition to the current economic situation, the Austrian business location is assessed.


As of April 2020.