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Bank Austria uses an online recruiting tool, giving you access to all job opportunities offered by UniCredit. Whether the jobs are offered in Austria, Germany, Italy or a country in Central and Eastern Europe: with the new eRecruiting tool you can view all vacant positions in UniCredit at a glance.

Taking the initiative

Didn't you find a suitable job offer? You can apply for a specific job, but you can also initiate a profile-based job application. Once you have created your profile, it will automatically be compared with new job offers, on the basis of criteria that you define in your profile.

All about eRecruiting

The online recruiting tool enables you to obtain information on all vacant positions in UniCredit – internationally and in Austria – and to apply for a job. You can use various tool options to preselect job opportunities and view exactly those vacant positions which interest you.

Let the bank find you!

You can assign your application profile to a job offer and thus actively apply for a specific job.

  • You can also make a profile-based job application: you create your profile – and the recruiting tool will find a suitable job for you. Matching will take place automatically, based on criteria which you defined in your profile. You can change and update the criteria at any time or deregister the profile.

Strict confidentiality

We treat all job applications as confidential and strictly comply with data protection regulations.


You should take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete the application form.

How to find a vacant position…

You can have a look at vacant positions and look for suitable jobs at any time. You can restrict your search result by specifying search criteria.

  • Either click on the "Start" button in the search mask and all vacant jobs are shown or
  • specify search criteria and click on "Start".

Is there a job that interests you? Since your application is computer-supported, registration is required.


How to register …

Please complete at least the required fields (*) as clearly and precisely as possible.

  • Do not forget to read and confirm the Data Privacy Statement and the General Information, as this will enable you to complete the registration process.
  • Once you have registered in E-Recruiting, you will receive an automatically generated e-mail with your registration details.


How to create my profile …

  • Specify step by step your personal data, the company you are working for, your education/training…
  • Please complete all required fields and do not forget to save your entries after each step. You can provide additional information at any time.


How to finalise my profile …

  • You can
    - release your profile (i.e. you can be considered for all suitable jobs)
    - lock your profile (your data will not be viewed until you actively apply for an advertised job).
  • In addition, you can again read the Data Privacy Statement and the General Information.
  • You can check your data in the overview and change them in the relevant step (1 – 7), if necessary.
  • If your data are correct, you can click on the "Register" button.


Note for interns

Applying for an internship via eRecruiting is not yet possible. Please inform yourself about the application process on the respective sites here on our website.