Whether you need some start-up financing or a larger sum for a major investment in your company, Bank Austria is a reliable bank partner for you. From micro-loans up to 25,000 Euro to working capital and investment credits for larger investments. Depending on the size of your planned investment, we can set up the appropriate financing package after the positive outcome of an individual review.


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How can I best prepare myself for a discussion with my financial advisor?

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Liquidity Check

Preparation is important in order to achieve an optimum consultancy result. The more information your advisor receives from you, the more accurate the result will be for the liquidity check. Here you will find a checklist with all the important points that you can prepare in advance.
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Calculate all possible scenarios for better financial planning with SmartPlanner. For small businesses with a turnover of up to EUR 1 million and for freelancers.
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Industry Check

Where do you stand in relation to the competition? Compare your company’s key figures with the industry average. This enables you to identify strengths and potential for improvement.
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What documents do I need for a quick loan decision?

In order to make a quick decision on your operating loan or investment loan, you should have the following documents with you when you talk to our experts:

  • Photo ID (passport, identity card)
  • EPUs/and natural persons: Registration form and Industry credentials
  • legal entities: excerpt from the Commercial Register or the Register of Associations
  • When founding a new company or a young entrepreneur: notarial deed and shareholders’ resolution
  • the last 3 balance sheets incl. statement of changes in fixed assets or statement of income and expenditure incl. statement of changes in fixed assets
  • current balance list
  • current accounting information from the tax office
  • current accounting information from the Social Insurance Fund and the Regional Health Insurance Fund (insofar as you have employees in your company)

when founding a new company/young entrepreneur:

  • business concept/business plan (incl. 3-year financial plan and curriculum vitae)

Are you no longer in a position to make your loan repayments? Is business going worse than expected? Have you suddenly found yourself incapacitated for work? Even if one does not want to assume the worst, one should secure oneself in time. With our risk protection, you can pursue your business with peace of mind.

What protection suits my company?

The answer depends on your field of activity. 
Therefore, a comprehensive and professional risk analysis is important. 
This is the only way you can guarantee the best possible protection of the capital invested in your buildings, machines and warehouses.

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What type of funding is suitable for my company?

Funding is subject to financial conditions. In this way, a new loan can lay the foundations for suitable funding. Conversely, funding can improve creditworthiness and make new third-party financing possible. Our experts will provide you with an overview and find the suitable variant for your company.

What type of funding is suitable for my company? How much support can I expect? Ask our experts, who have for many years accompanied companies in their search for suitable funding. You will also find the perfect funding concept for your company.

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Legal information

In the brokering of insurance UniCredit Bank Austria AG is a contractually bound insurance agent for ERGO Versicherung Aktiengesellschaft in the following areas,
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Motorised vehicle and comprehensive insurance for motorised vehicles

UniCredit Bank Austria AG is entitled to receive premiums and amounts intended for the customer.
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